30 Day Challenge Day 13

Your thoughts or opinions about Mean Girls
Mean Girls, the movie, the book and the real ones in my life.....

I loved the Mean Girls movie and book. They were very enlightening bringing to focus in a positive way a huge problem in our society. No one would have paid attention to girl bullying if the movie hadn’t been funny. Girl bullying is so covert and implied that it is often hard to really identify it for anyone who is on the outside looking in. Makes my job as a teacher that much harder.

Real mean girls in my life, are few and far between. I am sure in high school we have all gone through a time when we may have been considered the mean girl in some one’s life. I think that can be normal. But I knew mean girls. They are what pop culture calls frenemies now. They are those girls that are your “friend” but they will steal your boyfriend, steal the guy you like, choose boys over friends, lie, back stab, talk behind your back, give you back handed compliments. All the while they are smiling in your face. I don’t have any desire to hang out with people who are like that. It’s just not in me to be playing those games anymore. So I work hard to pick my friends cautiously and make cuts when I have to for my own sanity or well being in the self esteem area. It’s hard to pick out the mean girls, and often those mean girls who were such in middle school and high school are not the same mean girls in adulthood.


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