Christmas Season

Tis the season to be... baking.  Apparently in my house, this is what I am doing. I LOVE baking though so it makes the season so much more fun!!! I love to bake, cooking and I don't see eye to eye all the time but the baking concepts that's where I excell.  I should have gone to school to be a baker, because I love working with dough and creating new desserts. 

I made maple cinnamon buns this weekend. They were delicious. I like my cinnamon buns plan, meaning no nuts or raisons.  But I like to experiment with differnt tastes and add things in that I think would be a little tasty.  And the maple cinnamon buns were exceptionally tasty.  I also made regular cinnamon buns and bread this weekend.  I have my Great Grandma's bread recipe and it is a phenomenal recipe.

Adrian made chocolate chip cookies on Saturday.  They were pretty tasty but I still think mine taste better.  I may be a biased judge though. 

The house smelled delicious all weekend. There is something completely soothing about the smell of baking bread.  I am calmed down and relaxed whenever I can smell homemade bread.  Even mass produced bread like at the big bakeries still has that main fresh bread smell and I love it!!

I will edit this post again to include some of the mouth watering pictures I took as well.  Hopefully, tonight we will get our tree up and it will start to feel like Christmas.  I am still waiting for the Christmas spirit to descend upon me, it's now two years and I am not feeling the Christmas spirit as I used to. This year is definitely better than last but not by much.


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