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Summer fun in Red Deer

Summer is a long time to be home with young kids.  Young kids who have grown up with ready access to television programming geared to them and portable screens that they can take on the go with them.  As much as we want to send them outside to play or want them to just use their imagination it takes my kids anyways a long time to get into that habit. Throw in needing to do renovations and other activities that are adult only sometimes it can lead to a very impatient momma!

I am so thankful we live in Red Deer.  It's so centrally located and there are so many free and inexpensive activities the kids can participate in, so once the day get started we usually had something to go and do.  I am also glad that Lil man is now old enough to go to the park for short periods of time by himself allowing me to have time at home with Teddy doing other activities.

Discovery Canyon
Discovery Canyon is an outside water feature in Red Deer that has a river run down a slope that kids can go on with…

My new Deck

Since we've moved into our home nine years ago we've known that we needed to replace the deck and fence eventually, but it's a big cost and babies, weddings and travelling always seemed to take precedent, until this year, this year was the year of the Deck!

Last year due to a ferocious wind storm we were able to use our house insurance to replace our deck and sheds that were damaged in the storm, but the deck still stood (I have no idea how!!) so we had to wait until we could replace the deck.

I really, REALLY wanted to go to California with my boys this summer but being a home owner means we have responsibilities that we must take care of and our deck was not going to last another winter without injuring someone. 

So we cut our vacation to the states short, we still had a good time and then we came back home and tore out our old deck. 

That was the easiest part of the whole job, but what we saw when we tore the deck out was terrifying.  I used to sit on that deck, and let…


We spent half a week down in Idaho and Washington this summer.  It was a great time and we got to see so much! Here are a few other things we did while on our Lacourse Road Trip 2018!

Spokane Valley Mirabeau Point Park:
This was a cool little park, it had a spray park which was a lifesafer on the hottest day of the summer! Seriously, it was so hot and Teddy is a little thermometer and based on his behaviour you know when he is too hot. The more whiney he is the hotter he is.

Frank's Diner:
My boys love, LOVE trains and Teddy especially but Leigham also loves them, so when we saw that Spokane Valley had a train car that was turned into a restaurant we had to go.  It was so cute and cool and the boys thought all the little trinkets and displays were super cool.

Spokane Valley Children's Museum and Science Center:
After two days of hot temperatures outside we took the boys indoors! The kids were unsure of our day trip on this day but then they ended up having a great time playing…

12 Week Challenge Week Three Update

So I haven't really gotten back into my blogging but I am working on it so here is my update, on my 12 week challenge a 1/4 of the way through.

I had a rough start, I caught some nasty flu the first week so I couldn't do many workouts and eating, well that was pretty much out of the question for a whole week. I did get two workouts in and I lost quite a few pounds I just wasn't really sure it would stay off since it came from being sick.

The second week was better but I was still dealing with illness and my lower back has been killing me for four weeks.  I had trouble bending or putting my legs straight so I had to modify most exercises but I made it to the gym three days and I was starting to feel stronger and better.

The third week went amazing, I still feel incredibly busy, but we are making it work so I am positive it's developing into a routine. I made it to the gym 4 times this past week and meals have been going great. Even with Thanksgiving happening I do not f…


Part of our summer holidays were spent in Spokane Washington and then we took the boys to Silverwood Theme park for a day.

Theme parks with children are both a joy and a pain in the butt.  I loved watching my boys expressions on their faces as they experienced so many different parts of the park, but with so many regulations it was a pain making through the whole day.  The heat didn't help either.
 Leigham was on board to try most rides, but he's not a ride kid, and spent most of the time stressing that they rides would be too fast, too spinning, or too high.  However we did get him to go on the rides with his brother and he was a champ.

This was the only ride Teddy didn't enjoy, he wasn't expecting the swinging motion and it scared him. Adrian and I may have laughed a little as we watched him trying to crawl off the ride.

The train ride around the park was the boys highlight. They begged and begged to go all day long so before we could leave the park we had to ensure …