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Friday Five: Five Ways to Spice up Date night

I was originally going to have this post come out for the Friday before Valentine's Day but things happened as you can see from my posts this week so this is coming out just before my 9th anniversary with my husband. That's a long time man, but it's been good and I am happy to continue choosing this adventure with him.

So I have teamed up with Turo to come up with some ways to make Date Night more memorable!!

So Here are Five ways I think you can add a little spice to Date night.

1) Written love notes.  I love written love notes, finding messages scrawled on my white board or on post its just brightens up any day.  I feel that love notes have become something that is considered antiquated but they can help set the tone for the whole day leading up to date night. They can be little posts it proclaiming your love for the other person or your excitement to go on this date with them.  But including written love notes in your date will definitely spice things up.

2) Sending a b…

Riverdale: Episode 1

I have found a new obsession!! I grew up on Archie Comics, they were the one staple in my life on long road trips, my sister and I would scour the gas stations and pick up new Archie comics at each stop, we'd read them, trade them and read them again and again.  To say I have an obsession with Archie Comics could be a bit understated. I even had all the novels that came out in the nineties, so when I heard that CW was releasing a new series based on the characters of the Archie Comics I was THRILLED!! And what is even better, is that Netflix, releases a new episode each week on the Canadian Netflix.  I can't see that this happens on the American Netflix, but I love that I get Scandal, The 100 and now Riverdale released each week after it airs!! So great!!

So here are my thoughts on each episode, things I really like, things I am not sure about, and things I really wish they hadn't changed.

The storyline of the series for season one seems to revolve around the mysterious de…

Seasource Detox Line Review

Have I told you how much I enjoy the Arbonne Seasource Detox Line? NO! Oh well let me rectify this, because this line is amazing.
There are many products in this line but I am going to share with you my three favourites.  The Seasource Mud Mask, The Detoxifying Rescue Wash and Seasource Hair masque.
First let me tell you a little about my experience with the Rescue wash.  I love to use this rescue wash in my baths, and I love a bath.  It has a lovely scent, it smells clean, not perfume-y or medicinal, it just smells clean.  I try to use it at least once a week and my skin feels so smooth afterwards and I don't have to slather on tons of lotion either.  I've also used the Rescue wash as stain treater for clothing.  True story, my youngest son was in cloth diapers most of his life, and sometimes those things leak. Well one day I was holding him while wearing my favourite tiffany blue sweater and his diaper leaked all over my sweater! I was so sad because I didn't have stain t…

Tuesday Tribute: Jeff Mullan

I want to tell the world about an amazing man! A man who changed lives and lived a life full of love and excitement.  He was truly a genuine person and it is a shame not everyone got to meet him.  But he lived a life that really encompassed the song Humble and Kind.  He didn't do anything for glory or recognition, he did it because it was the right thing to do and he spread happiness like a flame.

Jeff Mullan was an east coaster through and through, he could spot another Bluenoser anywhere he went.  It's like the Saskatchewan phenomena of always knowing another Flatlander when you go out but Jeff's ability to pick out Bluenosers was almost like a sixth sense.  And East coast people have a special affinity for making people feel at ease in their presence, Jeff was no exception.

I could go through a litany of all the great things in Jeff's life, but I honestly only knew him for the short time he was in my soul sisters life.  I sometimes think Estelle dreamed him into exis…

Monday update!! It's a doozy!!

I started my 30 days again.  But this time I was really following the meal plans so that I could track how effective this plan was for me. My starting weight was 205 pounds, I had gone up a few pounds, but I was ok with that.  Fluctuation isn't the worst and all things considered my clothes were still fitting very well.  I was also a total of 344.25 inches which is still lower than they had ever been so you know I believe the scale lies and also I was heading into my monthly cycle.

I had a couple Instagram posts showing my packing of my foods so that I had an easy week, it was a lot of prep work but really it wasn't that much and made my mornings getting to school so much faster so worth it.  My mornings are a blur, getting up working out, doing my hair, make up getting lunches packed for the kids and getting the kids ready to leave the house.  It is go go go here, so anything to make it easier I will take it.

My first week was amazing, everything was going well, I felt amazin…

Women Crush Wednesday: SDM

I've done these profiles before and I love doing them because I think you should all know about these amazing women and why they are so inspiring to me!  

Around 8 years ago I started working with this woman.  She was spunky, and caring and hard working.  You could tell she was focusing very much on getting her life together for her and her family.  At this time she was married with one son. In all honest truth her personality and happy outlook were almost too much for me, ME! Some of you are cringing as you read this because who could be spunkier or happier than I am, well Miss SDM was, at least she could give me a run for my money.

But as we started to hang out I started to learn more about her and the things I learned, the things she had overcome, well they were amazing.  The fact is the deck was stacked against her, she was fighting her way to the top from the moment she was born.

SDM grew up in a single parent household after she was 2. For the first couple of years she live…