Christmas shopping

So I started and finished my Christmas shopping today.  Sounds glorious?  No?  Well it was alright. We have opted out of buying Christmas gifts for family members this year, we are only buying for the kids.  So Adrian and I split that task. He will buy for Leigham and I will buy for Chandler.  I am buying stuff for Chandler in Vegas so I don't have to worry about him.  But we did have to get Santa gifts so I did my portion of the Santa gifts today. I may have one more to go out and grab, but I will get to that when I get to that.  It's not essential.

I am getting that Christmas spirit more and more every day.  Even the crazy people in Wal-mart today couldn't even dampen my mood.  That is truly saying something, because they were crazy.  I have my Christmas tunes playing and I have such a mood to give and give and give.  I have two girlfriends that have had baby girls in the past three months and it was so hard not to buy little Christmas dresses for their babies.  I have a shopping problem, but then I didn't know their older child's size and it just wouldn't be fair, so I contained myself.  However, if those girls read my blog and want to send me sizes when I am in Vegas I will look for some cute little outfits, I have to fulfill my shopping desires on someone!! lol

Merry Happy Ho- Ho Everyone!!! I hope you all get to spend time with your family and loved ones this holiday season!!!


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