Ok I have a question for the mom's out there...

I have a very serious question that has been haunting me since my youngest was born.  I tend to have many thoughts running through my head at any given time, and sometimes I kind of whisper those thoughts out as I am doing something.  But I have noticed something that has become more apparent since my youngest son was born.  So the question is this.....Do any of you moms out there find yourself talking to yourself as you go through your day?  I had gotten into the habit of narrating all parts of the day to Little Man as I interacted with him.  They say that it encourages speech and helps the baby learn to speak faster.. not sure if there is any truth behind it, but I didn't mind doing it and as he has gotten older I have started talking with him more.

So today as I am going through my daily chores I realize that I am talking to myself dictating out loud all the things I have to do and how I am going to explain them later to Adrian when he gets home.  I am not saying them loudly, it's like loud thoughts or quiet whispers but I am hearing them.  I know I have a habit of talking out my plans when I am trying to organize my thoughts, but not to this extent.  Twice in an hour I was like "omg I am talking to myself!!" So then I would stop, only to notice it again.  Maybe I just need to talk with more people, or maybe get out of my house more, or maybe more people need to come visit with me so I can have real conversation instead of conversations with myself lol.  So has any other mom noticed this, or anyone else for that matter?


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