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Wedding 2011: Invitations

Wedding DIY project number 1.  Wedding Invitations.
What a gong show situation this has been.  I have been stressing over how to get these invitations done.  Do I print them off at home?  Take them somewhere to have them printed?  Should I just scrap my original idea and get a generic type card from Michael's and go that route?  I just didn't know and it was getting stressful.

See my idea for my wedding invitation was to do a picture card.  But I didn't just want a flat card, I wanted a folded card, so then I started playing around with Microsoft Publisher.  They have all kinds of pre-formatted cards to use and you just insert your text and pictures to create your card.  I found one I really liked except the card when folded had what I thought was the inside on the outside.  So the interior of the card was blank but it had the pictures on both the outside folds.  Then I looked into using Vista Print online.  I have used them for my business cards and they did a great job.  T…