Friday, 15 August 2014

Double celebration today

Today our Teddybear is 3 months old!! He's growing so fast!!

This past month he's rolled over, he's gone in his exosaucer. He's travelled to the zoo and had a great visit with his cousins.  He's even gotten into a routine a little bit and mommy likes it!!

Teddybear you are a delightful child and we love you so much!! slow down on the growing up though  because we want to enjoy every minute of you!!  You have an amazing smile, a cute laugh (only heard that one once) You are a professional snuggle bug, and the only time it's difficult is when I'm trying to type and you kick the computer!!  

Currently you like, sleeping, cuddling, playing in the exosaucer, bath time, tummy time and rolling over.

Currently you dislike being put down, wet and dirty diapers, loud noises and long car rides.

As the title says though this is a double celebration day, because on this day three years ago I married my love!! It was a beautiful day in Lake Tahoe and with our loved ones watching on we said our vows.  It's been a fun ride but I couldn't imagine a better person to be on this journey with.  It's not all fun and games but I love him more and more each day!!  

Happy Anniversary to my hubby and Happy three months to our Teddybear!!!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Facebook Messenger App

There are a lot of reports that are causing fear mongering around the Facebook Messenger App.  They are supposed to be able to access your personal data, your pictures, your camera, your microphone and this could all be without your knowledge.  Or that's what they say.  I am personally against getting the Facebook Messenger App but it's not for the reason that many are thinking.

I don't agree with allowing and application to have carte blanche rights to my phone, it's no one's business what's on my phone except for me. Here someone broke down what they are asking your permission for on Facebook Messenger to download the app.  It's sort of the reason why I didn't get a company phone last time my phone came up for renewal.  I just don't need someone to tell me what apps I can have on my phone and what I can do with my phone on my down time, and I'm not about to have two phones because I need a phone for work, that's ridiculous. However, I digress....

The reason I will not get the Facebook Messenger App is because I think it's a pointless waste of space on my phone. Why do I want another app from Facebook when the Facebook app had messenger on it and was working out just fine??  My phone doesn't have a whole lot of storage for extra nonsensical apps when the first app was working out just fine.

You may ask why I'm not worried about the first part of my blog, the whole access to all kinds of aspects of my phone, well the truth is, they probably already have that access due to the Facebook app. Here is a link with more info on this I also understand that a lot of it has to do with the language these things have to be written in for legal purposes and that the jargon doesn't always say what the app creator wants to do with.  Facebook Messenger wants access to my camera and photos in the event that I want to send a photo through messenger, and my microphone in case I want to use talk to text to send messages.  I get it, I understand!

I'm still not getting the application, because Facebook is just being greedy and wants to monopolize my time and storage space, and now they are "forcing" me to get it, if I want to read messages on the Facebook app on my phone.  Well screw you Facebook, I'll just log onto my computer to check my messages and your messenger app can go shove itself off a cliff.

Rant over!!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The 5 Love Languages for Children

I've spent a lot of time this last week listening to Lil Man.  He is constantly asking me to play with him, but he's also constantly climbing on me and wanting to cuddle.  What does that tell me about his love Language?  It tells me he understands love through quality time and physical touch.

Lil Man loves to hug and cuddle. When we watch television together he has to be sitting on us or right next to us, he likes to be in proximity so that he is touching whomever he is spending time.  He's a very touchy feely kid, and others recognize it, he's not much for recognizing personal space either.  He will get right in your face when he's talking to you and the more excited he is the more he will reach out to touch you as he's talking with you.  So I'd bet his primary language is physical touch, followed by a close second to Quality Time.

Lil Man loves to spend time playing with anyone.  But he loves doing things with us.  He is always asking that we play with him, read to him or just be with him. It's truly nice to be needed and I love all the time I get to spend with him.  I know when I go back to work I'll have to make a more concerted effort to spend more time with him doing things with him so he feels love from me.

Do you know what your children's love language is?  Can you guess by how they engage with you?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Learning Strength

I've been very blessed in my life to have had a lot of strong women helping to raise me.  Not only my mother and grandma, but my nana, aunty and cousin are all strong women! Plus my family of choice (those I've chosen to take up residence in my family sphere) has had some excellent female role models so I never really got the idea that I should be a woman that a man would take care of, as nice as that sounds sometimes in theory, for me to just be a kept woman, I couldn't do it!!

I've chosen to live my life so those women who have shown me what it means to be strong in the face of adversity can be proud of me and also so that the girls I may possibly be influential to, know how to make good choices so they stay strong.

One of the women who had a strong influence in my life was a friends mom, and she has since passed on now.  She was always so happy, even when she was sick.  She showed such strength when my friend was going through a really tough time. My friend was making some bad choices and she was concerned for her child.  I was concerned as well, and she showed me strength in quiet action. She never told her child that they had to do something, she made suggestions because she knew they had to come to their own choice in how to do things.

Granted my friend may remember this time differently, but my view showed me this. She wasn't doing nothing, but she wasn't forcing her child to come to see things her way.  It's a hard lesson to learn, especially when you see your children struggling, and making horrible choices, but when you push them to see things your way they retreat from you.

When she passed away I wrote a poem (and I don't write them often) and this is what I wrote, so to an awesome Lady who will be forever remembered!! This is my tribute to you!!

Your Journey with Us
By J. Lacourse

Smiling through the tears
Stepping forward without fear
Forever marked our story
As the day that began our journey

Taking the little hand
Guiding your through this maze-y land
Forever marked in our story
As a life of learning through this journey

Ears always hearing what is not said
By my side through everything a to zed
Forever marked in out story
The twists and turns of this journey

Fights and sharing; hugging and sorry
Always keeping in horror or glory
Forever marked in our story
The rest stops of our journey

But now my path must go on
And you have gone
Forever marked in our story
The lessons you gave so I could continue my journey

Monday, 11 August 2014

Arbonne Foot Spa

So after a long day of walking, there is nothing better than pampering your feet.  So after our long day of walking at the Calgary Zoo I decided I needed to do a detox foot bath. I chose the Arbonne SeaSource Detox rescue wash and scrub.

It was a hot day so I used cool water and sat with my feet in the water for 30 minutes, it felt wonderful!!  Then after they had soaked for so long I used the the scrub to help give the feet a good cleaning and back in the rescue wash for another 15 minutes.

It wasn't a full pedicure, but it was just what I needed and my feet felt fantastic afterwards.

I'd recommend the Arbonne SeaSource Line for a home foot spa and pedicure treatment!! This one is short because I'm just trying to figure out how to do product reviews!!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Teddy Bear is growing up

When I had Chandler I was very young, and I had the energy of the young on my side, and he was an amazing sleeper, I'm older now and the energy I had in my early 20s has long since vanished.  I was able to have my Chandler sleep in his bed quite early and he slept for 8 hours a night, it was wonderful, I didn't know babies didn't usually do that, so when Lil Man was born, well I was shocked.  He was a terrible sleeper, he'd cat nap through the day and was up two to three times a night, every night and hated sleeping in any bed buy mine, so he slept in our bed for a long time and would crawl into our bed every night for years, he'd finally stopped but now he's sort of started again.  And now I have Teddybear, he's a much better sleeper than Lil Man, but I'm not noticing him being as good a sleeper as Chandler, but I'm thinking it's more a me thing then a him thing.

Why would I say that you ask?  Well.......

I have Teddybear's bassinet in my room and he's never really liked it, he sort of tolerates it, same with his playpen where I generally lay him down for his nap is in the living room.  I put him in these places because they are close to me and I hear him better and he's closer to night time nursing.  (See a me thing, not a him thing)  Yet this afternoon, I put him into his crib for a nap and he slept for 2 and 1/2 hours.  It was his best nap since school ended and I am thinking maybe he's telling me he's ready to sleep in his own bed.  Sort of breaks my heart, I'm not ready to let him grow up, but if it means I get to sleep for 8 hours a night I might be willing to compromise.

My baby is growing, he's 2 and 1/2 months old and I love him to death, and I'm not ready for him to be getting older, but I am ready to start watching him develop into the handsome man I know he's going to be!!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Masking it!!

I decided to try a new mask for my face.  I'd seen some friends try it and since I had no other mask supplies in my house and really wanted to do a firming mask I thought I'd try it.  What product did I try you ask, well I used my Greens from It Works.

I took a before picture of my face wore the mask for 40 minutes then washed it off.  My face feels smoother than it did before the mask and it feels firmer too. So I'm happy with the results.

So if you want try it out yourself as well.  Lil Man wanted to know why my face was green, and he was not interested in doing the mask with me.

I'm very willing to try new products to see how they work, and if anyone else has any other suggestions please send them my way, I'll try them and then blog about the results!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Calgary Zoo 2014

Last year I was able to go to the zoo twice before the flood.  I went within days of each visit back in May and it was wonderful.  The first time I went with the girls from work and the second time I went with my little family.  We had a great time, as we always do when we go to the zoo, but then the flood happened and I hadn't been back since.

I have huge amounts of faith that the zoo would be restored and even improved after the devastation of the flood and I was right, today I took the two little boys to the zoo with our friends.  Lil Man had been earlier in the season with his grandma and Papa, but this was my first time taking him.  He was very excited to be going with his best friend and couldn't wait to see the dinosaurs, flamingos and lions.

We arrived early and bought season passes. As a season pass is good for one calendar year, it was a good deal, I enjoy going to the zoo and If we go 3 times in a year it's paid for itself.

The first exhibit we saw was the penguin exhibit! I love those guys!! They are so cute, and man can they move, they were flying through the water and even splashed us.  Lil Man and Miss S thought it was stinky in the exhibit, it did smell like fish. After we left the penguin exhibit we had to stop for bathrooms and feeding of the babies.

The next tour took us into the prehistoric area of the zoo.  There we saw dinosaurs!! It's such a staple part of the Calgary Zoo that I will be sad if they ever take it out. And if they do take it out they better put something amazing in it's place.  Dinosaurs are a huge part of Alberta's history and having the exhibit at the zoo helps kids see the type of environment dinosaurs lived in, ok I'm done with my little soap box hahaha.  I think I like the triceratops the best, but Lil Man really liked the T-Rex and Igaunadon.
 They also liked exploring the cave area.  The zoo has changed since I was a little kid, there's no more crawling on the rocks or leaving the path like we used to be able to do...

After Prehistoria, we traveled to Eurasia.  We were able to see Red Pandas, flamingos
Macaqua monkeys, camels and Tigers.
had to keep hydrated it was a hot one!!
Plus we ate lunch as well.  The tiger we saw was so cute!! He seemed to be sleeping but Miss S who was trying very hard to get the animals attentions called out and the tiger began to lift his head to see what was going on!!
It was really hot today so most of the animals were sleeping when we went by their areas, but it was still cool to see them.

After lunch we went into the botanical gardens.  Lil Man really wanted to see the butterflies.  I enjoy the butterflies, but I'm such a spaz as they flew by me I'd flinch and try to get out of their way.  I was able to get a few really cool close up shots of the butterflies and flowers,

I love taking shots like that, they are so neat!!  Glad my camera has a setting for it and does all the hard focusing automatically, but it is something I'd like to learn more about. One day maybe...

The last area we went to was Africa (yes we skipped Canadian Wilderness we'll see it next time).  I was able to see the gorillas, the hippos, giraffes and lions.  I really like the Africa area, all those animals are so cute,
I mean the hippos are so awkward looking that they are cute and same with the giraffes.
Gorillas are just cute and so smart, one was playing with an infant hat and trying to tie the straps.
Lions, well I've loved lions since the Lion King and before.  I just think they are amazing animals and they are cats (I'm a cat person. Hey here's a question, why are wild cats still cute, while wild dogs are really hit or miss.  I mean a wolf can be cute, but a coyote or a dingo not so much)

That was our day, 6 hours later we were leaving the zoo!! We made a quick stop for a snack at Jelly Modern Donut and then we were on our way back home!! I'd say this day was a win!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dogs vs Cats

I know that most people are either dog lovers, cat lovers or general animal lovers, and then there are those other guys... the ones that don't like animals... watch out for them... no just kidding it's all about personal preference and the amount of time you are willing to give to other beings.  For me I always thought I was an animal lover, I didn't think I had much of a preference. I'd had a cat before, whom I loved dearly (she was crazy though) but we parted ways because my oldest was allergic to her and he suffered from terrible sinus issues around her.  I was very sad but my son's health definitely took precedence over wanting a pet.

After we didn't have a pet for a long time, we tried another cat but Chandler's allergies flared up so severely that we had to find that kitten a new home.  So then we thought we would try a dog. I did some research, because taking on a dog was a HUGE responsibility. I mean I can raise kids but I had killed every plant I'd ever owned up to that point so getting  dog was a huge undertaking and as Chandler was only 10 at the time not something that could be saddled on him full time.

I needed a dog that would have an easy going personality, a dog that wasn't going to need two long walks every day and a dog that was cute.  I had considered a King Charles Cocker Spaniel, but they are quite high energy and very expensive so as much as I love the looks of them I had to pass until I knew I would like being a dog owner.  So I considered a Chihuahua, or a Bichon or even a Pug but at the end of the day I didn't feel any of those would be a good fit for my first dog.  Then I was reading the classified and there was a picture of this adorable black and white spotted half Great Dane, half mastiff in the paper.  It was so cute, and at first I said no, I wasn't going to look at them, but then two weeks went by and they were still in the paper, so I phoned the number to ask to go visit to see the puppies.

Thus, my journey to dog ownership began... because I fell in love with the little clumsy puppy the minute I held her.  Ask my husband, he told me as soon as I held her I was taken and he knew we would be taking the puppy home.  And we did and I became the owner of a Harlequin Great Dane/ Mastiff puppy.  She was so cute.

She was a very needy puppy at first, it was hard to leave her at home when I had to work but she adjusted and we adjusted.  There were a few bumps along the way, nosey neighbours criticizing my schedule for work (not all of us have the luxury to take out dogs out everyday for three hours and sometimes a 15 minute wind sprint of running in the park is all we can do) and her tearing apart my house after she was altered (ate three packs of birth control pills, yup that happened) and she grew into a much larger dog than she was as a  puppy, but she was still ADORABLE.

In fact she is still adorable today, but here's what I have learned about myself, I'm a cat person.  I love all animals, but I prefer if they are other people's responsibilities I will take on my 3 kids and a cat.  We now have a cat and I love her, and she never gives me any anxiety, but my dogs (we now have two dogs, because my husband is a dog person) give me anxiety and stress.  So I am a cat person, it is what it is.  I love my dogs, (the second dog begrudgingly because he's pretty cute too) but even though you shouldn't play favourites I have a favourite and it's my cat, I just gravitate towards cats more than the dogs.

But here's what my dog does that makes me realize that even though they get on my nerves and irritate me, I still love them.  Over the past 5 years of us living in this home my dog Sasha has escaped our yard a handful of times (she squeezes herself out a small hole in the chain link fence).  Each time she's done so we've learned about it on the radio or Facebook because some one has seen her and called it in.  The first time hubby was asking me where she was and I was telling him, like he was an idiot, that she was obviously in the backyard, well didn't I look like an idiot when I looked outside and she was sitting in our front yard.  She did this another couple times during storms (we now bring her in during storms and she sleeps through them, but if she's outside she gets a little manic) but each time before we could catch her she was back in the front yard looking at us like, what I just needed to have an extra run today.  Now last week she got out of the yard again, I'm not sure how, but she was gone for 6 hours.  I contacted all the radio stations, I drove all over the place looking for her and nothing, couldn't find her.  Lil Man was getting upset because his puppy was not answering him when he called. I drove around with his window down and him yelling "Sasha, where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are?  Sasha please come home."  (Heart breaking just a little)  But I couldn't panic because I didn't want him to know how worried I was, and yet we couldn't find her and NO ONE posted seeing her on Facebook or twitter.  So hubby left work and drove home and came looking for her. He drove around in his diesel truck and had essentially done the same track I did but couldn't find her and was going to give up, when he noticed a flick in his rearview mirror.  He was surprised, but there she was, she must have heard his truck and came home to him.  Yes she prefers my husband to me, but he's a dog person, and she's a terrible flirt!!

So her going missing and me not knowing what had happened to her reassured me that i still loved the big giants that are my dogs (the other is a St. Bernard). I would never want anything bad to happen to them ( dog fighting rings and that sort of stuff) but I won't allow my pet family to get any larger then what it is.  So for now we are a 5 person family with 3 pets!! And eight is our limit!!

I am very truly glad my puppy is safe and sound back at home where she belongs.  And I fixed the hole in the fence!!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Sylvan Lake Day trip

Summer is such  busy time! During the school year, school monopolizes your children's time so you only have to plan activities for two days a week but once July hits it's up to the parents to ensure their children are entertained for the summer (or the day care provider if you are working).  But let's be honest you are at least taking a week or two off in the summer where your children are home with you! So what do you do with them.

I've posted some of the things we have done with the kids this summer, camping at Gull Lake, day trips to Gull Lake, The Spark Center in Calgary, Parks around Red Deer and today I'll tell you about the Lakeshore at Sylvan Lake.

If you are from the Red Deer area or Alberta you have probably been to Sylvan Lake at some point or at least heard of it.  It's about twenty minutes from Red Deer on highway 11 and 11A.  It's a growing community of over 13,000 residence and I am sure it's population spikes in the summer time.  Weird fact that I know about Sylvan Lake is that it used to be named Snake Lake.... I'll let you figure out why!

Today I took the boys out to Sylvan Lake for ice cream and to spend some time in the water.  It was a hot day and I wanted to visit with a friend.  I met my friend at the Big Moo, after some discussion we determined which place I meant as there are two locations in Sylvan for the same business. One is the Big Moo and the other is More Moo.  We all got ice cream, well Lil Man got a slushy drink, the ice cream was so good and just what I wanted on the hot day.  Lil Man dropped his slush and didn't even cry about it, I was quite impressed actually.  After ice creams we parted ways, my friend was going on a lake cruise and Lil Man, Teddybear and I were heading to the lake.

Lil Man spent about an hour in the lake, he took a tumble down the stairs and that was the end of his time in the lake.  Teddybear and I just relaxed on the beach blanket and watched Lil Man playing.
 We waved to my friend on the boat cruise as it went by and we're impressed with the guy that was propelling himself into the air with water and he was connected to a seadoo.  Not sure what that was all about but it was interesting to watch.

After the lake activities were done we wandered down the beach to the park and Lil Man played at the park for half an hour.  I was even able to play with Lil Man on the car apparatus for a bit!! It was a lot of fun and Lil Man was in a really good mood today.

We are now back home and my house is so warm that we are sleeping in the trailer!! First night to use the trailer, but hubby gets to take it camping first!!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Our new Camper

So after a couple years of us saying we were going to buy a camper we finally did.  We went looking and had seen a few we liked but nothing we were dead set on getting.  We had determined that we needed a trailer with bunks in the back to ensure we had enough sleeping space for everyone so we were looking for the double bunks.

I wanted an outside shower but that's simply because I didn't want to have to be sweeping it out every ten minutes from sand being dragged inside by Lil Man.  It is his mission in life to bring back a pound of sand from every sand area we go to!! I swear!!

Then the second time we went out we saw a used trailer, it hit all our requirements plus it had an outside kitchen.  The other selling feature for us was that it was well within our price range so we snapped it up and purchased our first camper.

It's huge, HUGE!! I could be comfortable living in this thing if we happened to buy a lake lot to park it on and I could live at the lake all summer.  This is not out of the realm of possibilities and it is definitely something I would love to do!!

So at the end of the day we bought an Eagle Super Lite trailer.  It's got one slide, a set of bunk beds, a bed on top of the outdoor kitchen, an Outdoor kitchen with mini fridge, a tv and dvd player ( I like it but I almost wish we didn't have it so that Lil man wouldn't be wanting to watch tv all the time)  a sink, a stove, a fridge, what I am told is a big tub buahahaha, microwave and oven.  We can sleep 8 comfortable so we actually have room to grow in this trailer!!

that is the big tub!! Yeah I won't be having long baths in that!!

Next month we are going camping for a week so that should be a real test to see how I do, up in the woods, with no internet, or cable!! I think I will love it, and it will be so worth it to spend some quality time with Chandler and the boys!