Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Grad 2017

Oh the Places They will Go!
Twelve years ago these same students walked in front of their parents at a Kindergarten Grad Ceremony, celebrating that they learned their ABCs, their numbers to 10 and how to share and care for one another.  After a lot of hard work, social structuring in their peer groups, this group of students gets to say that they graduated, they put in the work and they are about to leave high school behind them.

 Never again in their life will they feel a triumph like this (unless of course they go to become a doctor and do another 12 years of schooling in a row).  This is a time in their life that they can look back on and know they made it, they are on the precipices of adulthood.  Those carefree days of no bills, no responsibilities are falling behind them faster than they realize.
 But it's not all bad, a plethora of opportunities is opening before them.  They have the first piece of paper they need to move forward in the rest of their life.  This grade 12 diploma indicates that they are of a character that sticks with something, they work hard, they try hard, they are working for their goals.  They can join the workforce, go to college, university, apprenticeship programs or just travel the world.  Many in 2017 are driven to continue to school, some are driven to join a field of work that has more on the job training then school training, some just want a break because high school for them wasn't what it was for their peers.
 But they did and now the world lays at their feet and the adults in their life take a deep breath in to see what they will do.  The world is watching and waiting to celebrate your successes, commiserate with your failures and set you back up so you can move forward in the direction of your dreams!  To the class of 2017 Go to all the places you want to Go, Enjoy every minute and don't rush things through because before you know it you will be celebrating your 20th high school reunion like I am this year!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Happy Birthday Dad!

Love Style's posted this video on Facebook the other day and I had to share it because it is so very true!

When my father passed away I tried so hard to get through my grief, to get to the other side.  And honestly I'd think I had gotten there and then I'd be slapped in the face with a new version of that same grief. How could my life be so "normal" when the ever large and loving presence of my father wasn't there? Sometimes those new versions of grief were harder to deal with than the initial grief.

And so I'd start to accept that my dad was gone, that my children would learn of my father through my stories, my photos and my family but not through meeting him.  That I'd be an orphan at 30 because my father was gone and no one could replace him.  That I would have to keep him tucked in my heart and take his lessons of love and family and make them apart of me to ensure his legacy endured.

Grief becomes apart of you, and how you respond to that grief is your own to control.  I didn't let my grief swallow me, but instead I let my grief lead me to a new way of honouring my lost loved ones through my actions with my loved ones that walk this journey of life with me.

So Happy Birthday Dad, I know you are watching down on my, sometimes probably cursing and stomping your feet because I'm not doing it the right way, but knowing that I will get it right for my family and I that I am always making you proud!

Love you!!!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Goodlife Fitness

So Red Deer had a new gym open on Thursday and I joined.  I honestly joined back in March and have been impatiently waiting for it to open and now it is open and I am so happy.

I went to the Grand Opening on Thursday night.  The place is huge, it's the largest facility in western Canada for Goodlife.  I have now been there every day since it's opened, I am concerned I am turning into a gym rat!! There is so much to do, so many classes to take and so many machines to work out on.

My favourite class is Body Pump, I have done a class like this before when I lived in Saskatoon and I am feeling exactly like I did back then a day later.  Sore, and sore and strong.  I don't like doing weight training that is simply me doing three sets of 15 for different muscle areas that gets boring. I love doing weight training in class settings, I'm more focused and because there are other people around I push myself harder.  There are definitely some muscles I have not worked in a long TIME because they are super sore!

After workouts I am constantly treating myself to a quick massage in the massage chairs.  I love those things!! Watch for a picture blog to come soon of my workouts and things!!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Full time teaching contract

I am beyond excited to announce that I will be a full time, continuing contract teacher starting in August!! It's been a long road, but I've finally found that teaching assignment that was made for me!! So here is to many more years of working with kids that need the most assistance but fill your heart so much with every triumph and smile!!

I'm beyond blessed to have these students in my life!!