Where I want(will) to be in 10 years

In ten years I will be on the cusp of entering my 50s! That is an interesting thought, I will have two adult children by this time and one child just entering his teen years, oh Lord help me! So let me paint you a picture of my life in ten years. I will maybe have to flag this post to see if it comes true.

In ten years I will be sitting in the sun room or breakfast nook having my morning tea, while I wait for the youngest to crawl out of bed so we can head to school.  My house will be eerily quite since it will just be the two of us at home, Lil Man having turned 18 last October is off in school, pursuing his dream of becoming a teacher/ police officer.  

I will drop Prince T off at school and then I will head to work at the downtown office, having traded in my teaching hat for a division programming hat 2 years prior.  I am responsible for Inclusive Education in my division and I work closely with the Alberta Government developing guidelines to help develop appropriate guidelines for inclusion and creating seminars and workshops to help classroom teachers deal with inclusion at any grade level.

I work for the district 8 months a year, I get the month of January off and the months of June-August off.  In those months I travel.  I take each of my boys with me on one travel a year.  We've been exploring inclusion in a multitude of countries to find what works and what helps.  My passport has never been stamped so much! We also do pleasure trips for hot vacations and to be general tourists.

I am going to become a Grandmother in the coming months, Chandler finally settled down and has house in town with his young wife.  She's working until the baby comes and Chandler has gotten his first of three journeyman tickets.  He's been smart with his money and has a lot of investments and his house and now he can buy his toys.

Life is good, I am content and I am so glad I get to do the things I love.  I am also scheduled to run my first MARATHON, yes marathon not half marathon, first marathon, and my heart health is good, been having that checked since it was at 50 when my mother had her first hearth attack.

What is your ten year plan looking like?

Thanks for reading leaving me a comment let me know what you think.


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