Meaning of my business name

I don't really have a business name, I have worked with a couple Home based businesses, but I don't have my own business name.

So this post won't be about my business name, but about the type of business I'd like to open.

I have a passion for taking pictures.  I love capturing moments at family gatherings that show utter relaxation or pure joy.  Those moments no one poses for but that happen and you capture a moment that no one realized they wanted captured until it has passed.

It's photographing real life as it happens.  I think this is an easier and harder type of photography to capture.  One you aren't staging people and hoping they get in the right light, you aren't hoping everyone is looking the same way, you are just out there capturing the moments.  But it is hard because it takes a special intuition, a special knowledge or ability to be able to read the crowd and moments as they occur.

Everyone does this with their own family.  But there is always that one member of the family behind the camera, and for some people they prefer this, but I'd love to have some photographs of me doing things with my family that aren't selfies with the selfie stick. So this is the business I'd like to start.

Do you have a business idea or a meaning behind your business name?

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