Christmas in Saskatchewan.....or not

This year we were supposed to go back to Saskatchewan for Christmas, well orginally I was going to leave on December 26th and then Adrian was going to fly out to meet me on December 29th and we would celebrate New Years in Prince Albert with my friend Estelle. Then Adrian wasn't able to book a flight out to Saskatchewan so I decided since I wanted to go to Saskatchewan as a family and spend some time altogether and he had 4 days off at Christmas I would suggest we do Christmas in Saskatchewan.  He was agreeable to those terms and so we began planning to go.

I was super excited. I haven't spent a Christmas in Saskatchewan in three or more years now.  Last year I had surgery, the year before we went to Disneyland and maybe the year before we went to Saskatchewan but I'm not sure, it has literally been that long.

Well you can guess by the title of the blog post that we did not go to Saskatchewan, in fact we did not go anywhere this year for Christmas.  We were quarantined in our house because of the flu!

So a quiet Christmas with only four of the family members here. Chandler escaped and made it to Saskatchewan and was able to spend Christmas with his dad and that side of the family.

The boys were happy with their Christmas at home and I don't think they even noticed it was different that usually.  That makes my hear happy, because I was very upset that we didn't get to go and I didn't get to see my family.

I would head back to Saskatchewan tomorrow but we have appointments and other plans for the New Years Eve Weekend and then  my mom is here for a week to visit.

I don't always handle changes to plans very well, I can become quite upset and I was upset that we didn't get to go but I will get to go back and enjoy some time here soon enough!  How do you handle changes to plans that you look forward to?


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