Something I miss

This one is easy. I miss my dad.

I wasn't as close with my dad as I am with my mom, but we were close enough that I knew I could trust his advice, tell him things in confidence and argue with him empathically and he'd still love me.  This is going to be a two part blog post because in a few days I will talk about the difficult time in my life when I lost my dad.

My dad was stubborn, set in his ways but he loved people.  As a child growing up I'd watch my dad make friends with everyone he met, he was always kind and considerate even when he wasn't getting along with the other person. He was definitely the person that introduced me to some very surprising terms in my youth, especially because he always had a wide range of people around him.  I know my dad was a bit racist, but I also know even with his beliefs he always gave everyone a chance to prove him wrong.  I'd say 9 times out of 10 the person did and my dad would let bygones be bygones.

My dad had the worst temper, seriously it was a site to see.  You know how kids like to sit in the front, my friends and I would fight to sit in the back in case my dad had an outburst at some poor parking attendant just doing his job.  I'd also push his buttons, making statements that I knew would make my dad blow his top.  I was able to stand my ground with my dad, and his temper only erupted out of his mouth and never in a name calling, vindictive way, but he'd yell about lost keys, so I'd yell back "i'm 12 I have no idea where you put your keys look under the mail!" Which would usually have him yelling back that he wasn't yelling at me, to which I'd tell him well I was the only one in the house, so who else could he be yelling at?

I miss phoning him (collect) and talking about my day.  I miss talking politics with him, and telling him that he was a republican  since he was always watching Fox News.  He'd tell me I was a screaming liberal and the only reason he watched Fox News was to see what the other side was saying.  Yet I never saw him watch the other news stations.

My dad had the worst taste in TV shows.  I can't even begin to tell you how I disliked his tv programming, Star Trek, Voyager, news.  Yup not my cup of tea, still not my cup of tea! But he loved them and would watch them all the time.

I miss watching my dad try to be metrosexual in his sweat pants! He used to get his hair done all the time, he permed it! And he'd show up at the Salon and he'd get his hair permed while he wore a t-shirt and sweatpants.  The height of fashion he was not, but he allowed me to be by buying me all the fashionable things I wanted.

Dad loved kids! I definitely miss seeing him interact with his grandsons.  He always made time for Chandler when we were down visiting, taking him places and watching shows with him.  He was always great with Chandler and Oscar (my friend's son who was his neighbour).  Dad being around kids always made him shine, and I miss that.  I definitely miss the influence he would have had on his two youngest grandsons. 

Dad thanks for everything! I miss you!


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