Pet Peeves Friday Five Version

I try not to let other people's idiosyncrasies annoy me, but there are few things that just get my blood boiling.  I think it gets my blood boiling because it is so apparent that the person is either trying to be sneaky, or just too scared to come out and say something.

1. I dislike fake people or people being fake to me. 
2. Offering up something so they can ask you for the favour they actually need. I mean this is nice but I prefer it to be the other way ask for a favour and say this is how I can repay it.
3. Saying 'i can't do that" and giving excuses for why they aren't going to try.
4. Not having the dishes done at the end of the night.
5. Fans being left on for extended periods of time when no one is in the bathroom.  The sound of bathroom fans actually irritates my ears so I hate them.

Those are my big pet peeves, do you have any pet peeves?

Thanks for reading!


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