My Heart Belongs in.... {Friday Five}

Ok I'm going to join a link up and follow along for the next few Friday's posting my Friday Five!! I learned about this Link Up through Run Salt Run, and she follows along with Mar On the Run.  Both are great blogs for runners which is how I found them through a google search!! You can see their Link Up Badge on the right hand side of my blog!! If you are interested in doing a Link Up, even starting one of our own for Alberta (if you are an Alberta Blogger) let me know I'd totally be down for doing that.

The first topic is your favourite city, well I've travelled a bit in my life and I've lived in a few different cities, but my favourite still is Lake Tahoe (which technically may not be a city, but it's my favourite place!!

So here are the Top Five Reasons I love Lake Tahoe!!

1. It's location
What could be better then a community nestled in the mountains with a huge lake at it's centre? But that's not all, it's right on the border of California and Nevada, so you are hours from the ocean, hours from amazing shopping, and all that the Bay Area affords you and you are so close to Reno for those great times associated with Little Vegas.  I think it's in a prime location!

2. The Scenery
As I love to play with my camera and take pictures, Lake Tahoe is somewhere I go a little click happy.  I can take pictures of the mountains, Emerald Bay, the Lake itself or the night life sponsored by the casinos.  They have gondola rides up the mountains and many scenic over views to capture the photographer's imagination!! I've never seen such green greens and blue blues!!

3. The Casinos
So much fun!! And I don't even gamble that much, maybe $20 a night, seriously the Casino's are not making money off me!! But they have some great restaurants, the buffet at the top of Harrah's is so delicious, one of the best buffet's I have ever been too.  The Cabo Wabo bar is a good time as well, they even have a license plate from Alberta hanging up there too!! Often in the summer they sponsor outdoor music shows and every weekend there are musical guests appearing in the casino.  It's like going to Vegas on a small scale and without the overbearing heat!!

4. It's a Year Round Destination
Many times places you can go to in the Winter aren't really options in the summer (ski lodges, Hot Holidays {I mean who wants to go to Mexico when home is hot}) or if you can go their in the summer they aren't really options in the winter, (lakes, camping etc). Lake Tahoe because of it's prime location optimizes activities for both winter and summer.  In the Summer you can go swimming, boating, parasailing, hiking really anything you can do at a lake in the summer you can do it at Lake Tahoe.  Plus the lake is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom!  In the winter, because it's located in the mountains you can go skiing/ snow boarding, skating. So either time of the year you will be able to find something fun to do, and new people are always there!!

5. It's my ideal
I'm not a country girl and I'm not a city girl, I am more of a small town girl, so long as that small town is located within an hour of some city amenities.  Lake Tahoe offers the city amenities but because it's in a mountain location it's spread out and does not have a suburban sprawl feel to it.  I dream of opening a little motel there and spending my days as a hotel owner, writing in front of fire in the lobby, visiting with my guests, hearing their many stories.  And then going out for hikes with my kids and maybe spending some time swimming!! One day when I win the lottery that's exactly what I'll do.. Someone want to buy me a lottery ticket?


  1. A friend of mine went to a wedding last year in Lake Tahoe and immediately recommended I go there. Someday, I hope! It looks gorgeous.

    1. It's beautiful!! I always recommend it and I got married there too!! So many wonderful locations for the ceremony!!

  2. I haven't ever been to Lake Tahoe before but it definitely is on my list of places I would like to visit!

  3. I haven't ever been to Lake Tahoe before but it sounds wonderful! I def will add it to my list of places I want to go!

  4. my sister lives about an hour from lake tahoe and she and her husband and kids love it!


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