Most Proud Moment

I'm trying to think of my proudest moment, I've had a few proud moments that I take a lot of pride in but my proudest moment really has to do with my children.

I am proudest of the strong working young man Chandler has become, he never gives up and he always does what he needs to do.  He's kind, grateful and has a great sense of humour.

I am proudest of the compassionate, loving, space invading young man Leigham is, he loves everyone and is always first for a hug and quickly goes to those who look down. He's a genuinely kind soul who isn't afraid to show his emotions.

I am proudest of the determined, outspoken little boy in Theodore.  He knows what he wants and he will go for it and don't you stand in his way, he is not a push over and will not let anyone be the boss except mommy and daddy.  He's a go getter, he just needs to learn to pull in his temper with his brothers.

I am proudest of all the moments I get to be a mother and friend to my three boys.  They genuinely warm my heart and teach me new things each day.  If I can show them how to go for their goals, be compassionate and kind and how to love a strong person than my job as a mother is complete.!

Of what are you most proud?

Photos courtesy of Triple Ten Photography

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