Guilty Pleasures

My guilty pleasures revolve around television! In the past year or so since we have cut our cable I have dramatically decreased my consumption and time spent watching television.  I used to have shows I would watch religiously, without fail the night they came on television.  And since we've cut our cable I would say I am down to around 7 shows that I like to watch consistently and within one to two days of their release. 

So here are my guilty pleasure television shows!

1. Grey's Anatomy.  I've been watching this show since it's inception year and I used to buy all the DVD season sets.  I get many feels from watching this show so it's still a top on my list.  But if I don't watch it right when it comes out it's not that big of a deal.

2. Scandal.  I love the intensity of this show, but I am glad they are bringing it about to a close, I mean really, what they show started out as, is not what it is ending as.  Thankfully, this streams each week on Netflix so I get to watch it pretty much after it's release.

3. Survivor and Big Brother.  I am lumping these two together because they never play at the same time and they are my GO TO reality television.  Yup can't get enough, but I am not as timely with watching each episode like I used to be.

4. Riverdale.  This is the newest show to get onto my must see list! Again thank goodness it streams on Netflix after its network debut.  I am addicted to this world, it's different from the comic books but I still love it none the less!

5. Game of Thrones.  Yeah I love this and this is one that I will watch the night it comes out. Thankfully, the seasons of Game of thrones aren't usually in my busy time of year so I am able to give them 1-2 hours each Sunday night.

6. Outlander.  Seriously, I am a HUGE fan of the books and so when they announced they were doing a series of this show I was thrilled.  If you are like me and prefer when television shows stay true to the books they are about then READ these books and WATCH the series!!

So these are my guilty pleasures, what are yours?


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