DIY Wedding Project #2

The Do It Yourself Wedding Projects are driving me crazy!!!  I just don't feel that creative and sometimes it is just about enough to drive me crazy. I think I have figured out what my next project will be and I need to complete it this weekend.  The project is my wedding favours.  I am making 60 favours as I have about 50 confirmed guests.  Yeah for a small wedding sometimes wish it were smaller but maybe it still will turn out to be smaller.

I wanted to do something for my wedding that would be personal to both Adrian and I and something that our guest could keep if they wanted.  That's when I started looking around my house for ideas of things Adrian and I both liked.  What were somethings we collected and displayed around our home that if people saw they would be like, oh yeah that's so Jenn and Adrian.

We have a plethora of stuff in our house.  We have hundreds of DVDs, thousands of photographs, hundreds of books (mostly mine), tools (mostly Adrian's) and shot glasses.  Wait! Shot glasses that could work.  Yeah personalized shot glasses, but now how to personalize them and where do you get 60 shot glasses at a time without begging a bar for them??

After some inquiries I found that Costco has another reason for me to love it, they sell shot glasses!!  So off to Costco I go to buy my 5 dozen shot glasses.  I am just looking for plain shot glasses or maybe even wide short shot glasses.  Will have to see what they have in stock.

My next stop will be to Michael's the craft store. I may even check out a Dollar store.  I am looking for toole that is precut into circles that I can gather up around the shot glass and tie with a ribbon at the top to complete the party favour.  So at Michael's or the Dollar store I will be buying white toole and some blue coloured ribbon.

I want to find out the cost of engraving versus finding a sticker to put onto the glass.  If the engraving isn't too expensive we will do that, but if it is too costly I am planning to just have stickers made up with the same info to put onto the glasses.  I realize that the sticker may not last forever but maybe I can find one that will.  It's all about research.

While I was in Vegas, I had gone to the M&Ms shop and bought some personalized M&Ms. I had mine and Adrian's name engraved on them along with our wedding date and rings and wedding bell on the other side. They were in pale blue and teal (our wedding colours) in total it cost me $35 to get a large container. I may need more but I can order them online so I can do that if I run out.

So there is the plan for the wedding favour. 

And as I typed this up I came up with another thought, maybe I will if it's not too expensive create some wedding photo albums with pictures of us from our engagement and life together but with some empty places to be able to send all our guests photos from the wedding of us, and pictures of them with us at the wedding. Hmmmmm maybe that is something I should consider.....

I will post more as I go through the process of creating these little favours!!!


  1. Ugh, DIY wedding stuff. I still shudder at the thought of painting two hundred teeny little boxes. Those things required four seperate coats. I'm still surprised that Jono and I actually got married after dealing with the stress of those things!

  2. You can buy this stuff that is I think like a paste that etches glass. I found it at Michael's when I was looking for wedding stuff. I think you paint it on/wipe it off...tada! Etched glass.


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