Another Birthday Party

Lil Man has  a lot of friends born in January, I guess people drank a lot around St. Patrick's Day and Easter... but we had fun.

Lil Man went to another birthday party, for a friend of mine's little girl.  She is nine months older than Lil Man but like half a foot taller.  Lil Man was enthralled with her, he followed her around and they played.  He had a really good time, I wish they still lived in town but now they live in Leduc so we don't get as many playdates as we would like.  Lil man ate snacks, played with the piano, played dress up and threw a temper tantrum when it was time to go.  I didn't get many pictures and the ones I did get are very blurry.

The funniest moment though was when I saw Lil Man and his friend heading into the bathroom.  I was curious, his friend was carrying around some lip gloss stuff so I asked what was going on.  They said they were getting beautiful.  Lil Man climbed on the toilet to check himself out in the mirror.  It was adorable.  I am quite comfortable with my lil man exploring his feminine side but that may have been too much for his dad to handle.  Lil Man and his friend went into a bedroom together because they needed quiet time.  Oh the things that come out of little children's mouths.  They make me giggle and sometimes belly laugh.

So I hope our little friend had a great birthday and I look forward to setting up a playdate with them soon!!!


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