Swimming Lessons

Leigham and Chandler were in swimming lessons for the month of November. These were Leigham’s second set of lessons and Chandler is onto his last set of lessons.  The first set of swimming lessons I took Leigham to and had to accompany him into the pool, this time it was Daddy’s turn.  Hubby enjoyed the lessons I think, but I am sure he felt rushed somedays as two of the Monday’s I left him to fend for himself with both boys.

My boys take after me when it comes to swimming, they love the water and love to swim.  Once you get the boys into the water it’s near impossible to get them out, they definitely outlast Hubby in the water everytime.  I am exactly the same way, get me in a pool and death by lightning or starving to death are the only things that get me out willingly.

Chandler is now moving on to Lifesaving skills and I think he will do really well.  We are hoping to continue to give Chandler as many options as possible so he can do what he loves and not get stuck in a job just to have a job. 

Leigham did very well with Swimming lessons, he did his front float, he jumped in the water and he put his face in.  I think he will be a little fish and may finish his leveled lessons ahead of Chandler only because he is so much more active than Chandler ever was. 

I may not become a hockey mom, but I am sure  I will be "every other sport" out there mom!!!


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