Week One 52 week Photo Challenge

The premise for the challenge that I have entered is not from my own head, but from another photo blog that my friend Alicia found, here is the link.  It is going to be a serious amount of learning for me this next year.  Sometimes Alicia explains things she wants to do and I just stare at her with a blank look because I don't know how to do any of that yet, but I am anxious to learn.  

So the rule of thirds states that you divide your picture into 9 equal sections, and that the most eye catching pictures have the focal point in one of the center intersections.  Here is a picture that demonstrates this better than I can explain it.

If you took a marker and drew two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines you would see that Chan's eye is right in the intersection point of two of the lines.  Which means this photo follows the rule of thirds.  

So in breaking the rule of thirds, you would try to not have your focal point in any of the intersections but rather in the squares themselves.  It can be right in the center or off to the side just depends on what you want the picture to look like.  Here is the picture I submitted to the group for breaking the rule of thirds.  

Now in this picture the main focal point is Lil Man and Hubby, if you draw the lines they are mostly in the center square and there is a lot of negative space around them.  Even where the sun is shining through the trees casts an interesting light on my two subjects.  

There now I kind of understand the rule of thirds, what will be my next photography rule to learn?

So what do you think?  Think I may have some creativeness left in me?


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