Christmas Baking 2012

This year I was a tornado in my kitchen. I made some family favorite recipes and I tried some new recipes(that became family favorites).  It was a busy few weekends when I got to baking.  Here is a list of things I made for Christmas baking; bread, crescent cream cheese puffs, oatmeal muffins, pumpkin cookies, butter tarts, thimble cookies, rolo snickerdoodles, shortbread cookies, and cheese cake thumbprint cookies.

Our family favorites are the shortbread, butter tarts and thimble cookies.  The new favourites are the rolo snickerdoodles, and cheesecake thumbprint cookies.  The pumpkin cookies went over pretty well, but I don't know if I would put them in the favorites category.  The oatmeal muffins, were a breakfast muffin but they weren't very good at all, I may try the recipe one more time, but I will do some things differently for sure.  And the pastry puffs were ok, but I am the only one who likes those and well with trying to lose weight and stuff, I couldn't eat them all so they didn't stay around too long.

Here are some photos of my cooking.  The family favs came from our family recipe book, the other recipes were from various sites that I found via pinterest!!! So check out my pinterest page for the recipes.

I couldn't find regular rolo bars at the store, so I used caramilk buttons instead, I also put in cookies and cream hugs and reese peanut butter bells as well.  They were so good and so worth doing again!!!


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