Week two 52 Week Photo Challenge

On Sunday we were given the next weeks challenge, the theme or motif was daily.  It was to be a picture of something daily.  Now this can be interpretted many different ways, and I struggled with finding my daily shot.  There are so many things that come to mind, the view of the river from my drive to work, the view outside my house of something I see daily (it's not a pleasant sight so I turfed that idea), my kids, but I am sure they will be feature plenty this year.  My hubby, but he's not really one for taking photos.  Then I thought what about photographing something from my daily routine.  Something I do daily.  Then that became a, "well what do I do daily?"

Finally, I settled my mind, and I photographed my facial cleaning supplies. It's something I do daily, and I thought it fit the bill.  So here is the picture I submitted for this week.

Here are a couple other photos I take that sort of fit in this category.
 Walking the dog
Cuddling with little man


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