One of my favorite meals to eat is soup, and it can be a wide variety of soups, but really anything homemade is good by me. I also like stews and chilli. So I have pinned a few new soups on Pinterest and in the interest of keeping my pinterest a useful tool I had picked a recipe to attempt awhile ago.  Cheeseburger soup!!!  Let's be honest I have posted about Hamburger Soup previously, so this was just the next step in burger soups and IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!

I followed the pin to this website.  It seemed pretty easy and I was in a trying mood I noticed on the recipe that it called for Velveeta, and well I am not a big fan of Velveeta so I used Cream Cheese instead.  It turned out phenomenal!!! And everybody who has tried it loves it and has requested the recipe so I must have done something right.  So aside from adding cream cheese instead of velveeta I also added in some extra veggies like asparagus and broccoli.

That day I also made some wild meat soup.  It was just hamburger soup with ground elk meat instead of beef hamburger.  Here are the pictures from those two soups!!


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