Merry Christmas From us!!

I used to be anal about scheduling family pictures when Chandler was little, then he started going to school and I used his school pictures to update everyone.  Then I almost completely stopped getting pictures done, and I can’t even begin to explain why this was.  Then Leigham was born and in the last three years of his life we have done three different family photos.  It’s not bad, not bad at all to be honest, seeing as the last family photo I did pre-Leigham, was when Chandler was 5, 6 years prior. 

So this year for Christmas I thought it would be nice to get family pictures done for everyone, so I made the family get dressed up and head out to Triple Ten Photography to have a photo session.  Alicia, the proprietor of Triple Ten and the artistic talent, is a friend of mine, and she does great work.  We posed and she was patient even though Leigham was less than cooperative.  We got some great shots and I was able to get Christmas Cards done up!!!

Here is a peak at the photos we got, plus an extra of Leigham from the Winterlicious Sale that Alicia worked.  All creative credit belongs with Alicia and I am very happy with the work she did!!!

Triple Ten Photography


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