New Hair Style

The Before

So I decided to go for another huge change with my hair.  I have gone from middle of my back to shoulder length to modified pixie cut.  It’s been a huge change but I am quite enjoying the complements and the ease of the hairstyle, it is surprisingly easy to do in the morning and it’s very fitting.

The inspiration
I was in love with Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair cut from Once Upon a Time.  I think she’s a very beautiful girl and her hair cut was so cute but I have NEVER had my hair that short, ever.  So I needed to talk with my hairdresser Zoe from Salon Guru in Saskatoon, before we proceeded, I needed advice I could trust and depend on.  I knew Zoe would be honest and I knew it was time to do something drastic, I mean it’s just hair, it grows back, so it’s not a permanent state.

The Middle Stage
I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the short pixie style that Ginnifer rocks on Once Upon a Time, I mean that was going to be big change, but I had a couple pictures picked out to talk about with Zoe to see what our best option would be. 

We began the cutting of the hair, and we slowly proceeded.  We stopped twice and decided to go further each time, after the second stopping I should have stop stopped but we took another ½ inch off.  I began to panic a little on the inside, it looked great but it was so much shorter than I had ever gone and I looked like my mom a little more than I was comfortable with to be honest.  I am still very happy with the cutting, but like tattoos, I can’t seem to stop now, I need to cut again. 

Right out of the salon chair
So this time I am going to go in and I am taking Ashley Greene’s photo from Twilight as inspiration, her pixie cut is a little longer than Ginnifer’s I think, but I really like it and I so want to try it, hey if it doesn’t work I can grow it out!!!

Look for a new haircut coming in the new year!!!!


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