Mystery Hostess Time

It is the 25th Year for Fifth Avenue Collection!!! It's an exciting time for all of us in the business and there are many rewards and contests and Head Office is giving our hostesses great rewards to celebrate them.

So I've been thinking I would put my Fifth Avenue business on the shelf for a bit, I had so much going on in my life and I didn't want to be so busy that I missed things with my kids, I already felt stretched to the limit.  But then things changed, unexpectedly, and I am back at looking at what I can have Fifth Avenue can do to help me reach my goals.  So I have decided to take advantage of the promotions offered by Fifth Avenue to explode my business and I am going to be hosting a Mystery Hostess Event.

What is a Mystery Hostess Event?  Well it's an event I host and invite my customers to, at the end of the event I take all the customers who came and purchased and add their names to a draw.  I then pick one person's name and award them the hostess credits.  So they benefit without having to do any of the work.  It's a perfect solution for those customers that just don't want to have the party but you know would love to get the free and half price jewelry.

I usually give the customers opportunities to enter the draw more than once.  Like they get entered by RSVPing, they get entered for purchasing, they can get an extra entry for purchasing over $250, they get an extra entry for booking a show, and they can get an extra entry for wanting to listen to how they can sign up to do what I do.

Here are some of the pictures of the items I have on my table!!!

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