Windmills in Alberta

Last month I went home to Saskatchewan on highway twelve for the first time in like 6 months.  It was an interesting trip, the roads were the shit and the weather wasn’t much for cooperating, but after 2 hours we got east of Stettler and I was shocked by what I had seen.


Dozens and dozens of them, from Halkirk to Castor.  I knew there was talk about bringing them into Alberta but aside from the ones down in Medicine Hat or Lethbridge I hadn’t heard of any coming up to Central Alberta but here they were.

Much like light houses, windmills are something I love.  Granted Light houses are still more nostalgic then these modern monstrosities that are passing themselves off as windmills, but I still am drawn to the simplistic look and the power behind what the Windmill represents.  Not to get political or environmental or anything, but I just think the windmills are a sign that society really is trying to make a change to a renewable energy and I think that’s awesome!!


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