Happy Birthday to a friend's lil guy

Last weekend, the whole family headed out to Eckville to celebrate Lil Man's friend's birthday. His friend is our friends little guy.  So we all bundled up in our outer wear to head to a skating party on their acreage.

It was a great afternoon, we got to catch up with so many friends, and both boys enjoyed spending time outside.  Lil Man played hockey and went for a sleigh ride.  Chan was able to play with his RC truck. Hubby had a couple beers with a bunch of other boymen, and I got some girl talk in with friends and made new friends.

The kids were the cutest though. Half actually put on skates and skated on the rink, the other half had boots on and "played" hockey.  The hockey mostly looked like kids shooting pucks into the snow banks.  My little guy kept looking for mine or hubby's attention to tell us he "scored".

During the present opening portion all the kids wanted to open the presents but Chris was able to manage them all, if she lived closer I would just have Lil Man there for child care, it would be very nice.  It really was a very nice day and I am very glad we went!!


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