Week Six: Running to SeaWheeze

So I've needed to take a little break from everything, I'm not injured or anything, and I'm still totally excited about completing this half marathon, but aside from the running, I'm not loving my workouts.  Fitting them in just wherever and doing them alone BLOWS. Blows like the snow is doing right now and I'm  in the mood to shake it up.

I'd love to head out to Poplar Ridge to do their workout classes but they are at 7  and between 5-7 I'm running around my house with supper, baths, bedtime snack, and the rest of the bedtime routine so getting out of town 15 minutes before 7 is next to impossible.  So that means I need a class that's later in the day or before 5.  So I'm looking at Yoga Nation, and things at the Collicut or some of the other gyms in town.  It's much easier for me to commit to working out if I have a class to go to, it's so dumb but there you go that's me.  Live and Learn I guess....

 I still enjoy working at home with my weights and yoga routine, but it's so easy for me to blow off a home workout, who's going to know, who's going to care? So this is my plan this week, running three times, with three at home workouts that include yoga.

I met up with Sara and we walked 5 k.  It was fun and easy which I completely enjoy! although there is one guy who walks the track faster than we run, its crazy!

I went to work for half a day today! yeah for working, but it takes up some of my workout time!

I really don't remember what I did!! I had plans to run, and I did go for a "run" Lil Man had to go with me, if you follow me on Twitter (@jewelryjenn79) you probably saw my Instagram photos (jenn_loves_photos).  He's so cute, but his little legs can't go very far or very fast, but we did finish 3.5km!! later that night I had to play soccer and we were short so I played a lot of soccer. On another note we won so we have two more games and could possibly play for gold!!

This was the last day I was going to be 35, because Sunday was my birthday!!! So I decided and tweeted (I'm telling you I was regretting that because people may have had expectations lol) that I would do a 10 km run. I've never done such a long run, EVER in MY LIFE!! So I was determined to do this I knew I could and I knew I'd finish. I didn't know how I'd feel after but I knew in the long run I'd complete it.  At 9 am I strapped on my shoes, plugged in my headphones and started running.

Since I'd never run 10 km before I had to think about my route, I knew running from my house to the Relax Crew was 4 km, so I knew if I went at least .5km past that I'd be able to turn around and start heading home.  I was actually expecting to be out for 2 hours, I really thought after 6 Km (my previous longest run) I'd be dead tired, but I gave myself a km of walking (7th inning stretch idea) and then I ran 7mins walk 1 min intervals for the last 3 Km.

I am so proud of this accomplishment!! I know I am going to be ready for the half marathon in August, I just have to keep getting out there and running.  An hour and 24 minutes was my time and I'm so full of pride that I did this!! I can't even explain.  I use the Map My Run app on my phone and when the voice came on to tell me I'd completed 10 I fist pumped the air!!!

I took a break, my muscles weren't very sore, I did 30- 40 minutes of Yoga on Saturday to stretch and I'm sure it made all the difference.  I've got my runs booked for this week and I'm going to do another long run on Saturday unless I get some out of town guests which could be a possibility. So once those are confirmed I'm going to alter my run schedule.

Total KM:
18.5 km

Overall grade:
A, because even though it wasn't as many days as I'd like there were quite a few rest days or no workout days period, I still did my LONGEST run EVER and I did in great time, considering I was 36 minutes under what I thought I'd be at.


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