Hockey has come to an end

It's been a fun rookie season of hockey!! And by Rookie season I mean for all of us, Lil Man was in his first year and he went from barely being able to skate, to keeping up with the big kids on his team, and I was a first time hockey mom.
There were definitely things I did not enjoy (How come half our games were at 7 in Penhold???) but the thing I enjoyed the most was the most important thing for any sport, Lil Man's smile!! He loved it, and he never once complained about getting up early!

Lil Man was seriously so proud of his hockey season. He wants to be a goalie, and he was able to be the goalie twice, both times his team won.  He participated in the skate-a-thon and did 30 laps,
which is really impressive considering he could barely skate when he started this season.  He took some face offs, he started skating backwards, he learned to pass and he learned to be a good team mate!

He's still distracted when playing and you can often find him hanging out by the goaltender offering assistance.  His coaches told me he was very happy and very excited about playing every day. One coach mentioned he'd never met a kid so happy to be goalie.  It may be a position that he plays in the future, which means moving up to Minor Hockey.
 But I guess if it makes him happy I will do that for him.

I had 15 years of escaping the Hockey Mom title, but there's no escaping now!!

I just have to get better at remembering stuff..... I completely forgot about his Hockey wind up on Tuesday.  He was in bed, sleeping and his coach called to see if he was coming.  #Momfail!! But I was able to get him up and dressed and to the rink in time to play with his teammates.  Even then, he was the happiest kid ever!! He had a blast and I'm glad I was able to do that for him!


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