Week 7 Running to SeaWheeze

I'm still euphoric from running my 10 km last Saturday!! I am so proud of myself and I love talking about it, thinking about, reliving it and planning my next 10km run!!

So here's what happened this week!

Monday: Headed out for a short run, only 3 km this time after the long run on Saturday I didn't want to stress my muscles or over do it!! It was a quick run and I was able to finish it in 23 minutes not quite a personal best but I had increased my running time to 8:1 to see how I did. It wasn't bad, but by the 7th minute I was dying and that eighth minute was pretty slow.  But I did finish so it was pretty good.

Tuesday: This has been the year of sickness!! I don't know what happened but I woke up feeling great, the baby and I were going to go for a walk, but then, I drank some coffee, it was a dark roast which I don't usually drink, and I got sick!! It was not a good sick, not that any are, but this was quick and exhausting!! So my plans for anything were shelved. I started feeling better but it was late for going for a walk or run so I decided just to do Yoga.  I've found that I LOVE yoga and I'm going to join a Yoga studio in town.  I may also join a pilates studio as well since they off the Barre classes that I want to try.

I felt better today, thankfully, and I'm hopeful this is the last bout of sickness we get.  I went out for a quick run, got 4 km done!!

This was a cross training day. I did my free weight exercises.  Nothing spectacular but I'm trying to start building my daily routine for when I go back to work, it's not going so well, but at least I'm trying.

Today I had soccer, it was really late at night, like 10:15 so crazy to be up that late playing soccer.  I made it to 10,000 steps today.  And definitely burned al to of calories playing soccer.


Shopping counts as exercise right?!?!? Ok in my world it does and I walked over 7 km shopping in Calgary on Sunday.  I think that's phenomenal!! Especially when you consider I didn't spend that much money, maybe $200.  How's that for being a proficient window shopper!!

Total Km 14

Overall Grade: C.  With company and being sick, well there you go, it is what it is!! I still have time to get going and once I get my routine down there will be no stopping me!!


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