Best and Worst things about my 35th year

One of the journal prompts I have has asked me to list the three best things that happened last year and in a separate question it's asked for the three worst things that happened last year.  So today we are going to reflect on the past year.

I will start with the worst, because I'd rather end on a positive note then negative.  Last year I turned 35, I was 7 months pregnant and was winding down my work in preparation for the arrival of our newest child.  Last year was a really good year, the worst things that happened weren't really that bad, but there were a couple things that stood out.

Last March, on March 12, my sister's birthday I contracted a virus of some sort.  It attacked my ear and I had the worst case of vertigo EVER. I couldn't keep both eyes open, I was in the ER two days in a row, because I couldn't eat anything, everything was coming up. I was extremely dizzy and I was very worried about the baby.  How could he be fine if I wasn't eating anything. I would say it was three days of not eating or drinking, I was on IV for two days, and then I had Sudden Hearing Loss.

That would be the second worst thing about last year, I had profound hearing loss in my one ear. It felt completely plugged for months, and I thought it might be a symptom of pregnancy since there was a lot of fluid in my one ear.  The incessant ringing in that ear though, it just about drove me crazy.  Then I had the baby and the ringing didn't stop, the hearing didn't improve and now I'm almost completely deaf in my right ear.  It's the most irritating thing though because the ear won't stop ringing, it's like it's getting all the sound waves but can't process the minutia detail of the individual waves so it's just white noise.

Then in November I went to a specialist and it was determined that the hearing loss was permanent, irreversible. That was the worst news because I really hoped it would improve, that it would have just been from the pregnancy, but it looks like a hearing aid is in my future.  I don't know how I feel about that, I've definitely come to terms with it, but it still sucks.

That could be all one event, but it did happen in stages and it was really the only thing that I can think of that was terrible last year.

My 35th year was really a pinnacle year. I was working in a job I loved, I was adding to my family and so many things, I don't know that I can just name three great things that have happened while I was 35 but I'll try.

The best thing about last year was the birth of Prince T!! I am so in love with him, he's just a little bundle of perfection!! He's kept us on our toes, he offers unconditional love, he makes you take time to appreciate those small things. Its a bittersweet feeling because he's my last of the firsts. My last baby, the last time my baby will smile at me for the first time, the last time he'll learn to drink from a cup, the last time he'll take his first step. I'm appreciating these things so much, and it's so hard to think about going to a job I love because it means being away from him for a big part of his waking hours. I love all the time I have to spend with him and we make the most of each day!!  It's coming up a year since he was born and I'll be back to work, so I'm going to enjoy every last second I have at home with him.

I've been blessed to have many great friends in my life, so many friends that have made my life so much better.  But this year I became friends with Sara, she has kids that are the exact same age as my kids and we have some many things in common. It's been a great year because I've made a great new friend and I count her as a blessing in my life! I've also reconnected with many of my other friends and my life feels full.  It's been great!!

Just last week I finished typing up my first novel.  I've had it written in a notebook for four or five years now, I've written many short stories and novels but I've never been able to go past the first draft to get them typed so that I can further edit them.
But I finished it this past week. It's been a bucket list item of mine since I was 14 but I've always let things stop me, I've never sat down and just typed it. I've always been worried about the next five steps, getting a publisher, an agent etcetera and I forgot that I had to finish typing up the novel for that to happen.  But now that's happened I finished typing it and I feel great, amazing and so accomplished!!

Honourable mentions, I signed up for my first half marathon and I'm more determined than ever to complete it and to complete it in good time!!


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