Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes

A couple weeks ago I was completely sick of my regular menu items, I needed to change things up and I wanted to try something different.  So I headed out to Pinterest to my Recipes I want to try board and picked out two new recipes.  Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs were the first I tried and they were a huge success you can read about them here.  The second was the Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe's.  O-M-G!! They were so GOOOOD!!!

I got the recipe from here.  And I have since moved that pin to the Recipes I have tried board.  It was super easy, at first I thought it was going to be complicated but as I started making the recipe I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was and how few ingredients it actually called for.

Not everyone in the family was a fan of the cheese sauce, but everyone loved the meat and buns!!
The recipe is here.

The only change I'd make is to add a little more spices to it.  I would have liked a little more garlic and maybe some Frank's Red Hot Sauce to..... It wasn't like the traditional sloppy joes with the tomato base but I felt it needed something a bit more.  So it is definitely something I will experiment with until I find the exact combination that my tastebuds are calling for!

I'd recommend this recipe to anyone that enjoys an easy recipe with hamburger.  Just don't burn your buns like I did.  The recipe says to lightly toast your buns and set them aside, so I put two buns in the toaster oven and started toasting them.  A little while later I could smell something burning, so I was stirring the cheese and the hamburger but it wasn't them and I couldn't figure it out then I remembered the buns, they were blackened pucks by the time I pulled them out of the toaster oven.  OOOPS! I was able to properly toast the rest and it's a good thing there are only 4 of us who ate the buns because that was all the buns I had left.

 What is the last recipe you've tried that has worked really well?


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