Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs

I'm so tired of making the same old meals.  But I have some VERY picky eaters in my house, and not all the picky eaters are the children!! So I like to make things I know they will eat and things that have vegetables "hidden" in them.  Because for some reason vegetables are not at the top of the favourites list.

I'm also sick of making the same things with ground beef. There are only so many tacos, spaghetti, lasagna and shepherds pie I can eat in a year, not to mention burgers.  I do enjoy all those things but seriously it's tiresome and to make something new is always exciting.

So off to my Pinterest board Recipes I want to try.  There are so many recipes on there and I keep adding to them, I decided I would do two recipes this week from Pinterest and the Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs were my number one pick.  I've now moved that recipe to the Recipes I have tried Pinterest board.  The recipe can be found here if you are interested!

I made them smaller than what the original recipe called for it was nice that way they became more snack size as opposed to a full meal for each one, it was also a much easier size for the little ones to eat.

So after having to rewrap everything because I wasn't deep frying them we had supper!! I would say they were a resounding success!! Lil Man liked them, the baby liked his, Chandler ate three or four and I ate three, my hubby who was home late ate 4 or 5 when he got home so yup these will be put into our meal rotation.

The prep is a little long, there's pinching and stuffing the dough involved, but all in all the extra work is definitely worth it for these tasty little morsels.  Also they would make an amazing sporting event appetizer!!


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