Week Five:Running to Seawheeze

Well being sick slowed me down for two days last week, but I was determined to make this week amazing!! DETERMINED!!!

I went for a walk in the evening and finished 5 kilometres walking.  I would have run, but the paths are so icy right now with all the warm weather we've been having so running is more like a dance with death then an actual run.  But still got the 5 km done in less than an hour.

I decided I needed to get started working out in the morning, so I went for a long walk with the baby. It was 8 kilometres of speed walking, but there was also some wonderful ice dancing as well. I was doing some great stretches because I slipped and pulled some different muscles, but nothing is damaged just needed some extra yoga in today, so that was my cross training for today.

Today I did a short run of 3 km and then a long walk of 5 km, we were walking at a pace of 9:30/ km.  So it was a speed walk, I also did a few weight exercises and some yoga!

Today was a rest day, I had a lot of work things to do and volunteering at Lil Man's school, so I decided I'd take a break considering I had runs planned for the rest of the week. This is also the day my Fitbit friend Becky passed me on our daily steps.  I totally have to catch up tomorrow.

I have soccer tonight, won't be able to wear my fit bit but it's still an hour of running and chasing a ball.  I love playing soccer and it gives me some interval training that allows me to practice sprinting and stuff.  Next year the kids will be older so hopefully I'll be able to get to more games.
I also did some yoga and walking. Lil Man loves doing yoga with me, and I think it's so important that he learn to exercises that can relax him.  He's a ball of energy that needs to have an outlet but also he needs to learn to contain his energy.

hmmmm well weather 1: me 0.  I wasn't having any of it today and it was just me and the baby so I got to enjoy a day just the two of us!! I'm soon heading back to work so I won't apologize for just hanging with him, he is SO WORTH it!!

 I also won't apologize for taking a day where I got to be all by myself and I got to hang out with a great friend.  I'm ok with it!!

Total Kilometres:
18 km

Overall Grade: C it wasn't great for the exercise part but for my mental health this has been a wonderful week!! I also finished typing up my novel!! Which is very much taking up a lot of time but it's all worth it to make this a bucket year!!!


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