10 months WHAT

Where did the last month go? I mean it feels like it was just yesterday I was telling you that my baby was 9 months old and now I'm telling you he is 10 months!! He's lived outside the womb longer than he was in it!!! This is so not fair!!

But Prince T you light up every room you enter!! You are loving and curious and adventurous!! You are a wonderful blend of personality of your brothers.  You have a calm disposition like Chandler but you want to explore every inch of your world like Lil Man!!

This month you've taught us that you don't like vegetables, they just aren't your thing, unless they are raw, then you will eat them like they are going out of style. You aren't much of a fan of fruit either, but can devour a banana like nothing and will eat oranges.  Unlike Lil Man, berries are not your favourite!

You are crawling and motoring around the house and you are starting to pull yourself up, no not starting you are consistently pulling yourself up and trying to climb things.

You really enjoy music and have taken to dancing even to some inappropriate songs your oldest brother plays for you (shaggy's It wasn't me).

You don't like being left alone, but I think that is indicative of most babies not something that is unique to you!

You have a routine and Lord help us if we stray from that routine. You like a morning nap, an afternoon nap and to be in bed by 7 gives you the best nights sleep!! Mommy is very thankful to you for that, because Lil Man was not that cooperative!!

 You love being outside and now that the weather is nicer we will have to find you some shoes and boots so you can join us on the ground to play outside!!

We love you Prince T!!!


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