In all my excitement about going to the movie with Lil man I forgot to take pictures OOPS!!

But I was super excited to go see this movie, and Lil Man is actually very much like his brother in the fact that he loves Fairy Tale stories and he can be convinced to go to movies with me that some other boys may feel are more girl orientated!!

We asked my friend Sara and her girl Summer to join us and they were very excited to join us.  It was a busy day in the theatre even though we went to the 12:30 showing.  There were a couple birthday parties and a lot of fathers there with their daughters (so fricken cute)!! And then me the mom Princess with her little Knight!

I love the Cinderella story! It's great, and I'd explain how much I love it but my friend Becky said it best. You can read her description of the story here.

The idea that you can keep your head when faced with so much adversity, that you can remain true to your true self and not falter and become something less than yourself is a great story and lesson to teach any young child.  Cinderella did a lot to rescue herself from her imprisonment.  The Prince simply offered her an escape route but Cinderella won the Prince because of her character, Cinderella did save herself.

I loved this movie, but I am a Fairy Tale Fanatic!! I have seen every Fairy Tale Movie made by Disney and some of the others made by Dreamworks.  I am an avid watcher of Once Upon a Time (I seriously love this show), I have read all the Gregory Maguire books like Wicked, confessions of an ugly step sister (Cinderella's story told from the step sisters point of view), Mirror Mirror.  I have love fairy tales since I was young and it's a passion I spread to my children (Chandler watches Once Upon A Time with me each week).  I even binge watched Ever After High, it was pretty good!!

I was very happy with the Cinderella movie but Sara and I decided that next time we went to a movie that wasn't a cartoon we would leave the kids at home.  They enjoyed the movie but they weren't enraptured with it so they were both a little antsy!

What is your favourite Fairy Tale? Have you seen Cinderella yet?


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