My Favourite Wee ones

It goes without saying that my boys are my favourite wee ones.  Even if they aren't all wee ones anymore, I mean Chandler is starting to tower over me and Lil Man is turning into a boy more and more with each passing day. I still have Prince T, he's a wee little one, and I'm enjoying all his discoveries and disasters as they happen.

However I've been so blessed in my life to have met some amazing kids. Some of these kids are my friends kids and I love them dearly, and some of these kids I've taught and they have just made such an impact on me with their personality and outlook on life that I'm left with profound joy that I was able to be in their orbit even for a little while!!

So here are a few snapshots of some of my favourite wee ones, most of whom aren't little anymore!!

These are my cousins all four of them!! Apparently we are a family of boys now since my cousin Cathy and I have only had boys and my cousin James had boys as well

Here's Miss Mew!! Well that's what her mom used to call her!! She's now grown into a lovely young lady, too bad her and Chandler don't understand that we married them off years ago!! lol
 Now here are two of my other favs, I apparently don't have a picture of Dakota where he's looking at me on my computer, but this is Vana!! She's turning into such a creative young soul and her confidence in herself is only second to her mom's confidence in her!!

This is Miss R, she's a redheaded beauty!! She's compassionate, caring and so smart!!
Mr M is a fav of Lil Man's, they've been buddies since Lil Man was born. Lil Man completely idolizes this little guy and it's not a bad thing.  He's very active and will always play Lil Man out, although I think Lil Man has caught up to him in energy level and will soon be playing Mr M out!

Now this is Miss Iz.  She's been friends with Lil Man for since he was born as well. She's only 2 1/2 months older so they get along very well! She has a very kind caring soul, smart as a whip and her logical thought process is a joy to see!  She also has two younger brothers now and they are a total joy to watch grow!

Miss D, is smart as all heck!! She's got an incredible vocabulary and she's very easy going in nature!! Her smile would light up a room and her little laugh warms the heart!

Miss SS is the youngest of a family of three girls. All the girls, Miss GS, Miss HS and Miss SS are gentle kind souls.  This was the first real interaction I experienced with Lil Man where I knew without a doubt that he'd be a loving, caring and helpful big brother.  We were at the birthday and Lil man just wanted to hold the baby, he was in love!
Miss S and Miss J are the last on my list! They are sisters and
the best friends of Lil Man and Prince T.  It's so fun to see them interact, they play more like brothers and sisters then friends but it's all good. It gives me an opportunity to hang out with their mom and that's always a good time.

I hope you are all able to surround yourself with amazing children, because though this is a small sampling they give me hope for the future generations! These kids can change the world and I believe that they will!!


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