I started writing letters again!! I love getting mail that is not bills, I mean it's so nice to see a hand scribed address on an envelope when you go through your mail each day.  It's something I love so I thought I'd share my love of letters with people I love.  Sending them letters as a way of corresponding and hoping that it brightens their day.

I picked out 11 friends to write to, at least the first round, and these were friends I'd previously had a "pen-pal" relationship with, family members and some of my close junior high and high school friends.  I'm finding in the digital age, we just rely on email or text messages and as convenient as those things are, they definitely don't convey true meaning the way a hand written letter can.  I didn't expect a letter back I closed each letter telling my friends I'd love to hear from them, but really they didn't have to write me back.

I've since gotten a couple hand written letters back!! I was tickled pink when I opened my mail box and saw the letters addressed to me! All other mail got pushed aside and opened my letters.  I read and re-read the letters because it was so much fun.  It's way more fun to open my letters than it has ever been to open my bills!!

Now it's time to send out the next batch of letters!! I hope they bring a smile to the faces of the next group as much as the first group, plus now I have to write back to those who wrote me in the first place.

Do you write letters? Would you like to receive letters in the mail?


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