Week Three: Running the Seawheeze

I'm always looking for things to help me track what I'm doing and how far I've come from week to week.  Well my fellow blogger Salt, from Run Salt, Run does a series of posts each week in which she tracks her weekly activities.  I am super jealous of some of the classes she's able to take living in Baltimore.  I'm thinking some of these options would be available in Calgary but I've not seen them here in Red Deer yet, but I'm sure it will happen one of these days.  Or maybe some of my fellow Red Deer readers could point me in the direction of some cool classes to join!!

I've decided to follow suit with Salt, which will help my accountability to myself, but will also give me a running tally of what I'm accomplishing and an overview of what I'd need to do to improve my training.

So here's how the past week went!!
What a bad night we had last night, the baby was up every 2 hours, and when he wasn't up every 2 hours he was whining and moaning in between.  So I was just dragging my ass all day.  I was able to get my bikini boot camp challenge done and my weights plus a quick training run with Sara. We walk/ ran 5 km.  Not a bad day for someone who even had an afternoon nap because I was not able to function by noon.

I took a day off from running but did my weight training and some yoga.  It was good, my hubby got me a Fitbit for Valentine's Day so I did put in 3 km of walking!!

Today was a running day. I did a few strength training activities at home, squats, bicycle crunches and Donkey kicks (brutal).  I then went walking for 35 minutes and covered 3 km pushing the stroller around the soccer pitch.  Then I met up with my friend and we did our 5km run and did it in less time then it took us Monday. We are both starting out so we are both maybe doing 12 minute miles, maybe 11 minute miles.  But it's nice to have someone to go with, when I was doing my walk by myself I was so bored and it felt like it took forever!!  According to my fitbit I walked 12,387 steps today!! How very exciting and completed 11km.

Today is a rest day so I didn't do anything. I wanted to but we had work meetings, school special helper dates and a movie date after the kids were in bed so rest I will, and quite frankly my deltoids could use it!!

I spent a great portion of this day talking myself out of doing any kind of physical activity, then at 3:10, I laced up my runners and set out for a run.  I was only going to do 4 km, but then I got to 2 Km and decided I could do 5 so I did it.  It was a great feeling when I was finished!!

We didn't do much today, EXCEPT trudging through knee height snow.  It wasn't a lot of moving but playing at the park with the kids definitely counts as some physical activity!! It wasn't long but the kids had fun and were played out!!

It was a full weekend of hockey and my son got me up at 5:30 in the morning because he was going to be goalie!! ~~~I was so tired!~~ but my in laws came over after hockey to watch the little ones so I could go out for a run.  I was only going to go 5 km, but after the first KM came so easy I decided to do 6. I've never done 6 km before so I was pushing the envelope.  My best pace was 7:44/ Km and my average pace at the end of the run was 8:02/km. I am so proud of myself and of the kilometres I have gone this week.
After getting home I did some yoga for thirty minutes to get in some good stretches.

Overall grade:
I think I get a solid B+ this week.  I got out a ran 4 days, and I did three days of cross training activities so I think that deserves a solid B+ I just need to increase my cross training and yoga sessions.
Total Kilometers: 24 km


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