Love!! Friday Five Link Up

I've let my blog post get a bit behind, not that anyone can notice but I've only got about a week of blogs ready instead of my usual two and half weeks.  I almost feel that once I get back to work I'll be more organized, simply because I will have to be, working 40 hours a week and doing all the family things I have going on right now.  Life is always on the go but it's so important to do things I love as well.

For this Friday Five Link up with MarCynthia and Courtney we are talking about Love and 5 things that I love!

To break down this weeks topic I'm going to use the 5 Ws.

1.Who do I love.
My top five people that I love, in no specific order are Hubby, Chandler, Lil Man, Prince T, my mommy.  I love these people and more (my siblings, my grandma, my aunty, my amazing friends) and I would do anything I would do anything I could for them!!

2. Where do I love to spend my time.
My top five places that I love to spend my time are: Lake Tahoe, Disneyland, the bath, my deck in the morning, a Beach (I'm really not picky).  I just really love to be anywhere my family and friends are.

3. When (I can't come up with a quirky question for this one)
I love the 50s, and I think they would have been a neat {;)} era to have lived in.
I love early mornings, and early mornings while camping or in nature are my absolute favourite time of day.
I love March because it's my birthday month (I'm going to dedicate different blogs in the month of march to different things I love)
I love Summer time, it's my most favourite time of the year.
I love snow only around Christmas, after that it can disappear!

4. What do I love to do?
I love to read, chick lit is my favourite but I also really like historical fiction and fantasy.
I love to swim, I don't do it enough, but I love being in the water
I love running and doing yoga, these are two workouts that I honestly enjoy doing and I am willing to make time for these workouts.
I love writing, it's very cathartic and most of what I write never gets published it is still very good for me to do.
I love binge watching television shows and I love to dream that one day I'd be on one....... ok not really, but sometimes.

5. Why is love so important to me.
The cliche, love makes the world go round is so true for me. When I feel love, do what I love, am where I love things are just so much better in my world.  I'm happier, I'm more confident, I'm blessed and I just wish everyone could know true, honest love.  Love that has no strings attached, love that is pure, love like a child for a parent love, that love is what true, honest, love is and what everyone should strive for in their life.


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