Taking a Break from Social Media Week One

Lent is a time of the year when Christian's give up something as a form of reflection to mimic Jesus' choice to give up all he gave up for us.  And blahdeeblah.... anyways I don't usually give things up, I like to hoard my obsessions and addictions but I found like I'd stated in my previous post that Social Media was not improving me but in fact it was impeding me from becoming a better person.

I've now taken to writing letters to friends, some of you will get them, some of you may already have gotten them.   I'm spending time with my kids, I'm planning my blogs more efficiently, I'm spending time writing my novel and working on that aspect of my writing.  I'm also focusing on what I've got to do when I get back to work, what I want that to actually look like.

Not constantly checking in with Social Media has freed up more time in my day to spend with the boys playing. We stay focused on what we are doing and notifications of a like or new post aren't interrupting our activities, it's really very nice!!

I actually started this back in January after I got my new iPhone.  I just didn't download the Facebook App onto the phone and that's made a significant difference.  Will I go back to having that App on my phone? maybe, but I'll turn the notifications off so I don't feel the compulsive need to see how others are interacting with me, instead I'll stay focused on how I'm interacting with the real live people around me!!

I still have postings on Facebook, because of Instagram, but I'm not logging in and updating things.  It's a nice freedom to something I didn't realized I was enslaved to.


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