Banff Trip

Sometimes it astounds me that I'm not out at the mountains more than I am. Read once or twice a year I'm out at the mountains, yet I'm about 90 minutes away.  I just don't get there that often, I'm never sure what to do out at the mountains, but I do enjoy going!! I don't think I've been to Banff since Lil Man was born, so we changed that the other day.

We loaded up the van and me and the kids went to Banff.  It was an uneventful drive down to Banff, a lot of Pop2K because Chandler was being the radio manager.  He would not let me listen to my talk radio, so it was song all the way down.

We had lunch at the food court in the little mall, I was surprised actually, the last time I was there the mall was quite fancy, now it seems that some of the high end stores have vacated that space.  That and we got there around 11 so it was pretty empty but I had to change the baby's diaper and feed him, but by the time I was ready to feed him school was out for lunch and well, the food court was invaded on by a whole gaggle of teens.  We left very quickly after they settled around us.

After we left the food court we headed down the street. I was looking for a knitted cap with a brim, like a page boy hat, but I didn't find one I loved!! I did find some cute Padaig's for the baby, a penguin hat for Lil man and Reese Peanut butter for Chandler.  He'd pointed out a Sloth shirt at some point but it was a girls shirt and we didn't see a male version. I seriously wasn't buying him a girls tank top, regardless of the cool sloth picture on it!

So after shopping we headed to the Sulphur Mountain to ride the Gondola.  I was worried about Lil Man on the Gondola, he always says he's afraid of heights so we told him that we were going up the smallest mountain.  He seemed ok with that and was very willing to get in the Gondola.  As we were going up the mountain he was great, I had him look outside and he was impressed with the height but showed no fear.  Then we got to the top, got out of the Gondola and went to the outside, and that's when he started to show fear.  It was the most bizarre thing he was on a solid path and and walk way and he then decided we were too high and he wanted to get down.  I thought he was going to be scared going down the Gondola but he was good.  I don't understand fears in kids because they just seem so unreasonable.... but he had fun!!

We got some great pictures and I want to go back, but I'd like to go back for a weekend so I can spend some extra time in Banff and do some of the other things around there and maybe do some hiking!! Look at me getting all active and stuff!!


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