Last Week of the Social Media Hiatus

I did it, I made it through February without checking Facebook! I am so proud of myself, because prior to this I would check Facebook every waking hour, sometimes twice an hour.  It was monopolizing a great portion of my day but wasn't getting me any further in any of my personal goals, therefore, it was a waste of time.

What I've learned from this break:

1) There are lot's of great things that I miss about Facebook, seeing everyone's pictures, being able to ask for advice and getting multiple view points, being able to make last minute plans, responding to statuses and seeing other responses. There are lot's of times when you see people rally behind one another and offer such unwavering support that you know society isn't completely lost.

2) That I need to unfollow a lot of people.  There are a lot of people who appear on my timeline that I have no desire to follow or hear what they have to say. It could be they are making a lot of political posts (whether I agree or disagree is irrelevant), they make vague attention seeking posts, they post things that could be read as passive aggressive, so I've no desire to read or interact with these at all.  

3)That I can't have Facebook on my phone or I have to turn the notification thing off on my phone so I don't see that little red circle with a number in it whenever I have a notification.  I don't mind checking Facebook on my computer and usually I'm doing something else when I do so I don't just use it to fill in a gap of time.  

4) There are times in my week where being able to access Facebook anywhere is a wonderful use of my time, like waiting at a Doctor's office. I've downloaded more game apps then ever before so I have something to do while I kill time, that was the perfect time to check Facebook!!

I'd say this experiment, self imposed grounding, was good for me. I give myself an A- because I only checked Facebook once this month and that's great!!  Two more days and I'll be back, it's just not known if I'll upload the app or not?


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