Prince T is 9 months old

My little baby is now 9 months old, 9 months!!!

What a little sweetheart he is turning into as well!! I am absolutely smitten with his personality, he's such a happy baby.  We've had a very rough month, he's been on antibiotics since Christmas Eve and he's still on antibiotics, we are hopeful this will be the last little bit and he will be ok, but man it's been a really rough go of things for a bit.

Current dislikes that Teddybear is currently displaying are: being up too long, soothers, drinking from a cup/ bottle, waiting for food when he's hungry, sleeping in our bed. I'm definitely not complaining about many of these dislikes, I'd love if he'd drink from a cup, or if he'd develop some patience, but him not wanting to sleep in our bed or taking a soother anymore are totally ok with me!!

Current likes include food, any and all food!! He loves crawling around, his jolly jumper, playing peek a boo, his brothers, standing up and going up stairs.
he's got long legs but a tiny waist so pants don't always stay up

Things he's learning this past month, going up stairs, standing with assistance, and saying Momma!! Ok I'm one happy and proud momma!!


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