5 Races to Run in 2015 Friday Five

For this Friday Five Link up with MarCynthia and Courtney  I'm going to pick my top five races that I'd like to run in 2015, some I'm set to run and some are dreams.

I'm pretty brand new to running, or brand new to running in races or marathons or those things. I've been running for years off and on, it's my go to exercise for getting into shape, one of my favourite pastimes and quite frankly runners and swimmers have amazing bodies, long lean muscles, amazing!!

So here are my top five races to run in 2015!

1. Seawheeze August 15, 2015.  This is how I'll be spending my anniversary, getting up a the ass crack of dawn to do some pre shopping and then spending a portion of the early morning completing my first 1/2 marathon!! Yeah you might say I'm crazy, but I'm so absurdly excited about completing this that I can't think that this is a bad idea!! It's going to be a great holiday for me and I'm beyond excited to cross something off my bucket list!

2. Color Me Rad 5Km Run June 27, 2015. This race is taking place in Calgary at the COP.  I'm going with a group of girl friends and it's going to be a great adventure. It will be the first race of my season and it should be a decent race, 5 K usually takes me just over 40 minutes to complete right now, so I'll keep training and hopefully we'll finish in 35 minutes especially since this is mostly uphill the entire way!! 

3. Woody's 10 KM is on the May Long Weekend.  I'd like to do this one, but it's the long weekend and I'm not sure if we will be in town or not. I'm not quite ready to commit to this run yet even though I think it would be amazing and good kick off to my running season. I've not signed up yet, but if I can find a running buddy and we don't go away for the long weekend I'm going to do it.  Anyone want to come to Red Deer to run this with me?

4. Nike Women's Half Marathon.  This was the first 1/2 marathon I found that I thought would be amazing to run.  I wanted to run it in San Fransisco and I still do.  I think it's full for 2015 but maybe the registration hasn't started yet, it would really depend on when it takes place.  The enticing draw to this marathon is a firefighter gives you a Tiffany Necklace when you complete it!! HELLO!! YES PLEASE!!!

5. Melissa's Run in Banff.  I have a girlfriend that does this every year it's running up a MOUNTAIN!! And the proceeds of the bibs go to a charity or to research for MS.  I can't think that this would be a bad thing.  I just think Melissa's run is too soon after my 1/2 marathon to be able to complete.  Maybe next year..... or maybe this year yet.

Honourable Mentions:
I'd like to do Mud Hero one year and I'd like to do Dirty Donkey... Both would have me dirty and sweaty and I think that would be so fun

What races are you wanting to run this year?  Are you running any of the same races as I am?

PS happy Birthday to my hubby!! xoxoxo


  1. Great list! Seawheeze is supposed to be amazing and I hope your first marathon is epic!

    I am in a completely different part of the continent, so my races are way different. My top five for the year will be Best Damn Race Orlando 10K, GATE River Run 15K, Castaway Cay 5K, RNR Virginia Beach Half and Space Coast Half.

    1. One day I hope to get down to Florida and the Eastern states to do some races. I figure this hobby could be come expensive, but t will get me out seeing the world and meeting new people!!

  2. seawheeze! i've heard SUCH great things about it! it's definitely on my list :)


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