Home Gym is Set up

You will have to excuse my iPhone photos in this post but it's what all I had available to me while I set up my home gym in my basement!

I'm so excited to have something practical to use my basement for, it's such a wasted space area.  It used to be a finished area, but the hot water tank blew and flooded the house, so the flooring was ripped up and it was just a cement basement.  It's a huge area and it's great if it were finished but it's not so it has become a large dumping ground for our stuff.  It drives me crazy but we've been purging and now we have some open space to use.

I am also not a fan of having gym equipment strewn in my living room for people to stare out while we are visiting. Not that I'm not proud of my workout equipment, but workout equipment does not make the most appealing decor pieces.

So I bought the last pieces I needed for my home gym. Because I like Yoga I needed a foam block along with the Bolster I had bought as well.  I then bought a weight bar and some weight plates for the ball as well as some resistance bands.  Now I will have a nice variety of weights and things to use to help me on my road to healthy fitness!!

It's not a large area, maybe 10 square feet, but it's just what I need. I also bought a bluetooth speaker to play my music down there while I workout.  I had contemplated splurging and buying a treadmill or even a stationary bike, something to help increase my endurance but I went out for a run today and quite frankly it was wonderful, so I am going to hold off on the treadmill purchase for now.  It's time I embrace the weather of my current city and stop using it as an excuse to be lazy.

It's time for me to get fit before my the fat in my body kills me!! hahaha


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