Week Four: Running the Seawheeze

What a week, started off with the Family Day Holiday and that translated into a holiday from working out and it spilled over onto Tuesday as well.  But I got back at things on Wednesday.

Happy Family day!! We all just hung out as a family,  I meant to do some walking and stuff, but I was feeling a bit of chest cold coming on. So I took it as a rest day!

Still not feeling great today, I even went to the doctor because the cough was getting worse.  I think I needed these two days, sometimes I really push myself and I can get burned out and I just don't want that to happen. So sorry not sorry for these two rest days.

No more excuses!! I went downstairs and did my weight workout, because no more excuses.  It was a good quick workout and just what I needed to get back into the groove of things. But that's not all I did today, I even got a 5 Km run in and some yoga!! For an active day this gets an A+++, now just to carry this momentum on for the rest of the week!!

Thanks to me being inspired to do some novel writing I neglected my weight training today.  Sometimes you just have to have flexibility!! But I did go out for 75 minutes and I was able to get 7 km completed.  Most of those were done walking but I got it done and it was a decent pace.  I did some yoga as well because I had to stretch before bed time but I was out pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow!

Ok I woke up with the worst neck pain EVER!! I don't usually get sore necks, but today it was like I'd slipped on some ice and had tried to catch myself which jarred my neck, except I hadn't done that at all.  So I blame my great night's sleep on the fact that my next is sore, which just seems dumb.  I was going to try to get another 5 km in today but I decided that since my neck was sore it was my body's way of telling me to take it easy so I just did a shorter run and some Yoga.  The great news is I had booked a beating, I mean massage with Sandy today so it ends up working out wonderfully!!

Oh sick day!! I was laid out with the flu, I didn't even make 1500 steps today that's how sick I was and I am sure 1200 of those steps were walking to and from the washroom.

Still recovering, I feel a hundred times better today, but man oh man, I've not been this sick since I lost my hearing last year.  that and the writing bug has gotten me so I need to rebalance my time to ensure I have time to do my writing.  This bucket list year is going to be AMAZING!!!
Overall Grade:
I'm going to say this is a C+ this week. I only got out for 3 runs and two days of cross training plus I got a massage.  If it weren't for the flu that laid me out on the weekend this would have been a pinnacle week! Oh well we will just start again on Monday!!

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