Running Outside in Alberta

Most of you know that I was not born in Canada, for those of you who were not aware of that fact, I was born in California and I hate the cold Winters of the Prairies!! I find them incredibly unmotivating to do anything besides sit in my house and be Peg Bundy, eating bonbons all day!  But I have a half marathon to prepare for and a possible 10k before that so sitting around is not an option!!

I've got to get up and get moving so I have to get clothing for running outside!! In the summer I'm all decked out, I've lot's of clothes that are appropriate for running in the summertime, but winter outdoors, nope, nada.  And since I'm very new at all this I decided to go to the experts and get some advice.  I had a basic understanding of layering and all that but I also know I sweat after a little bit of running so I needed something that would breath but would also keep the wind out. I don't need frostbite from running.
these are shoes I ordered on line, but they are so cool

I went to the Running Room here in town.  I needed new shoes and some pants and tops for running.  After trying on several different pairs, I chose a Saucony Ride 7 for my new runner.  They felt the best and I didn't feel my foot slipping in the shoe like I did with a few others.  They were also reasonably priced.  I don't mind spending money on runners, I use them frequently enough, but to spend $250 on a pair of runners that aren't going to work for me is not the definition of money well spent!  These did not cost that much, but they also weren't $30 shoes either.   I really like the shoes and they are so comfortable!!  Usually I spend some time "breaking in" new shoes, but these just fit and there is no breaking them in!! Love them! Before we chose the runner for me we did a test to see what my gait was that way we could pick shoes that would work for my gait!  If you've not been to a see someone about what shoes work best for you to wear running I seriously suggest going!! It will change your running life!!

After my education on proper footwear, we moved on to appropriate clothing for running in the winter!! I like to be warm, but I don't like to feel bulky when I'm running.  This is why wearing my winter jacket isn't really an option.  We had a short discussion on what I liked and I was given a pair of running pants that had insulation on the front and were more breathable in the back.  I bought a Mizuno Body Mapping Hoody, I really like that the material warms up as you sweat! I then bought a FaceGuard Pullover, which is a hot pink and I love it!! I've used it for walking Lil Man to the bus on those extra cold days. I also purchased a blue running room jacket.

Now I'm all ready for running in the winter.  Granted I refuse to run when it's colder than -20, just ain't going to do it, it's too cold for this girl!! But if the weather cooperates (which is sometimes does in January and February) I will be out running, I've even got some things to put on my shoes for the icy trails. So off to get ready for a run, gotta get it done it's nice out!!


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